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Journey of the soul part 3 class #1 (class#13) - Rav_Being in the mud

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...because if we are convinced, certainly here we're convinced, and the scientists little by little recognizes that too, that there is nothing more that thought. Whatever you think, that's what....that's what... initiating, that's what making things happen in the world nothing more than THOUGHT. Does it mean there's no need for action? We've gone through that too, I don't want you to walk out and say we don;t need the Botz (mud), we don;t need the Malchut, we don't need the mud, because without the mud, you see, there's no opportunity. Without an illusion, And what's the illusion? Malchut is the illusion. The botz, the mud, is the illusion. Suddenly, you're facing trauma, problems... If you don't have that - then you have nothing. Why not? Why can I just be a pure, spiritual person, like it seems, and all day think of how I'm going to be "Mitnaged" (resisting), right? But if you're sitting in a comfortable room, and nobody bothers you, is it that difficult to play in your own mind the tricks? It's when someone, one more person comes into your life, when you get problems. Without another person there are no problems. So when ONE more person comes into your life, that's when problems begin. But those which we call problems, are those opportunities that create illusions, because do we have problems? The kabbalist say that there's no such thing as problems, it's only an opportunity, it's an 'hizdamnut' to be able to say "koach hitnagdut" (restriction). Because if you're not uncomfortable, then where is the 'koach hintagdut' (restriction)? You must have both to control the universe. You must have both to control your own life. So you must have both.

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TLE 25 - 2018

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