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Hi son! How did it go on the big Chemistry test? Went real great. I got an A. That is great work! I knew you had it in you. Now let me take you out for some ice cream to celebrate. Thanks dad! That sounds real nice. Hey kids! Today we will be talking about Pokemon GO. Okay, I lied, today we are going to be talking about lying. Do you ever lie? I mean, I get why you might. Especially when you are used to get a bad reaction. Every time you tell the truth about getting a bad grade or breaking a window or getting in trouble it might be tempting, but the question is does lying really do you any good? Or might there be a better way? You see, sometimes when you lie now you even need more lies to cover up the old lies. And that is a lot of dirty work. And then you might get caught, and end up in double trouble. And even if you do not get caught, it can be worse, because then you need to carry around that lie with you forever. Have you ever felt that way? On the other hand, telling the truth can take that huge weight off your shoulders and put it behind you once and for all. That is a huge relief. And bonus points: telling the truth builds trust. And when we have other people's trust, it strengthens the relationship with them. But still telling the truth is not easy. So how can you do it? Just ask Why? So now you are ready to tell the truth, but it is still hard and you still feel nervous. So what can you do? Follow these four steps: Step 1: Take a deep breath and listen to that true voice inside of you. Focus on this thought: I am truthful. And repeat it: I am truthful, I am truthful, I am truthful. Step 2: Realize there might still be consequences for the negative actions you are admitting to and be ready to accept those consequences. While the negative seeds that you planted through those actions might still sprout out as weeds, you can always plant more positive seeds which will sprout out as flowers, if you tell the truth. Step 3: Share with your parents why it was so scary for you to admit the truth and how difficult it was for you. They are likely to respect and appreciate your effort. Step 4: Tell the truth, the whole truth, but be open and transparent. Hi son! How did it go on the big Chemistry test? I am truthful, I am truthful, I am truthful. - What was that? It is hard for me to tell you this, because I know you really want me to do well, and I do not want to disappoint you, but I did not do so well on this test. I got a D minus. That sounds rough. And you need to know that I am not disappointed in you. In fact, I am proud of you for being truthful, but that does not mean that we are going to let that D minus slide. What do you say? We are going to hit those Chemistry books, so we can do better on the next test, hm? And then we can go and get some ice cream. Really?! Thanks dad! So what do we see here? First, the boy took a few deep breaths and reminded himself that his true essence is to be truthful. Next, and this happens inside him, so you do not even get to see it, but he decides that he is going to take on the consequences, whatever they may be. Third, he tells his dad how hard it is for him to admit the truth and why. Finally, he tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And look! He still is going to have his ice cream, but without all the guilty fudge on top.

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