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Hey! Hi guys! Last Sunday I was watching "Half of it" on Netflix and I think that's a very different film. Yes! I watched and I love romantic films. The director is Alice Wu. Yes and how long was that film? About one hour and forty-five minutes or so. You know which are the principals characters?. Yes, of course! I like very much Ellie Chu. Well, I prefer Aster Flores but yes! I like too. Well I think all the characters are perfect, especially because I think that film It's awesome because the theme of the film I'ts about two teenage girls that they're in love and I haven't seen so many films with that theme. Yes! I agree with you because I think that nowadays we have to normalize that in films appears couples girls and girls and boys and boys. And I think that this is perfect. Yes, I think the comunication between the characters is really important because it builds the relationship between them. What do you think? Well I like it very much specially that Netflix focused on an homosexual relationship between teenagers. I think that's very difficult nowadays and I think it's good to normalize that. Yes! I agree with you. Well, what do you think about the process of falling in love while the principal character is writing letters to her love? I think that this is completely normal because I think that when you are talking with someone for a long time, you will fall in love or you will have some feelings. Yes, I think for building a relationship. you need to spend a lot of time with a person And in the film you see it, that Chu spends a lot of time chatting. because she is the one that is really chatting, and she builds that relationship with Aster. Well, It's a film so... All the films are an exaggeration from reality. And, however, It's not impossible. For example, at the begining of the film, Ellie is in love with Aster, but I think she didn't know yet. I think it's always special to find someone that you have things in common and if this person is so nice with you it's very normal at least you fall in love with that person. Yes, I agree! Is totally normal. Yes but, by the way, do you... have you seen that scene where the guy criticises that guy. in the old movie that chases the train with his girlfriend in, and he criticises it but in the end of the movie he ends up chasing the train where Ellie is. And so, what do you think about that? Because I think is interesting. Well, in the first part of the film it appears, and Ellie said that It was stupid and non-romantic. And in the end, it's totally the opposite. Yes, this scene seems a little funny to me because Paul said that the action who did the guy is useless and finally he did the same to say goodbye to Ellie when she's leaving the town. Yeah, I laughted so hard with that scene. Especially because at the begining of the film, Ellie and Paul are watching that old film, and Ellie says that the boy in the film doing that, following and running behind the train, following the girl inside the train, it's like an idiot. And then, at the end of the film, Paul do the same, he follows the train following her and she calls Paul as an idiot. More or less is the same as what they do in the film. We usually use more mobile apps like Instagram or another apps to meet people and it's so weird they use letters and specially in a film based in an actually society. Yes! I agree with you because letters Nowadays we prefer mobile phones to letters because are more interactive and it's a conversation between two people. And I think that mobile phones for these cases are perfect In addition, nowadays we have apps in mobile phones only to flirt like Tinder for example. And nowadays we use those apps to meet to each other. Years ago, our grand parents were meeting face to face and, there is a big difference because we meet online. Yes, and I also think that this letter thing, sending letters to another person, is not for our generation. Our generation at least is not interested in that, as they said we have the phone, and apps to communicate. And so I think this is a really old thing that i don't think it's gonna survive. Yeah, and I think that one of the most important parts of the film is when Aster realizes that Ellie is in love with her, because all the film long Aster thinks that all the letters were from Paul, and all those letters were written by Ellie As I said before when you are talking with someone every day, and then you meet with that person, then it's easier to fall in love. Because it's a completely normal thing. Absolutely, I think that Ellie is falling in love with Aster and he can't help it beacuse is helping the guy get to her with the letters and with other stuff, and she knows he's falling in love with her but he can't do anyting about it because the girl is for the guy, not for her What do you think? I said it before too. I think it's completelly normal that Ellie falls in love with Aster because when they were chatting And they have a lot of things in common. Yes, they have a lot of things in common and Aster was so nice with her but obviously Aster didn't know that she was chatting with Ellie and not with Paul. And what do you think about the relationship that has Aster with the other boy? I think this relationship is not a real love relationship, and it's like a relationship that her parents said that is the best for her. Yes, I think it's beacuse both of the families influence them, because they don't let the teenagers do it their own way. And they like, force them and they are really severe and they kind of force them to marry so... I don't think they're good parents Well, I feel bad for Aster because we can see she is not comfortable with the situation, with her boyfriend, with the friends and I think she only needs the courage to change it but she doesn't do it. Totally true, I think their relationship is based basically to show to all the people and all their friends that the typical rich guy and the typical popular girl are together. So It's to show a nice image to the other people. And what do you think about the relationship between Chu and his father? Because we see that his father is not a really protagonist character he doesn't says anything. But in the end of the film we see that he helps Chu with some words. that really helps her feelings. And he gets more important as the movie goes on, in the begining we see it's a very quiet character. It's true, because Ellie's father doesn't speak much all the film long, but suddenly, at the end, he explains the most important fact of the film, and he seems to be really worried about his daughter. I think Ellie's father is very wise and he keeps on distance from his daughter so she can learn form her mistakes, but Ellie's father shows that he's always to help Ellie in the way of her life. Yes! I agree with you because Ellie's father is a man that knows a lot of things but it's very quiet and at the end of the film, we can see that he loves a lot Ellie and he drives to the correct way. Well, to finish I want to say that I really like the beginning of the film when they introduce the story with an animation who explains that we are connected always with another person and that person is our real love and we found it in a special moment and that's an eternal relationship for our life. Well, I think that's not true because we always have thought that we really need that special love in our lives, and I think first we have to learn that first of all, we have to learn to love ourselves and respect to each other and then, finally if we meet the love of our lives It's okay, but first we have to know that we have to learn to love ourselves and respect everybody. I think that we live in a society that wants a couple for everybody and of course, we can living lonely. Yes I think since the begining of the days and the begining of the human race. Like the movie says everyone's searching for the other half of themselves, so they get completed in some way. And so this movie reflects it beautifully with really nice. deepfull meaning. And i think it does a good job in explaining that. I recommend this movie because wants to transmit a real message that we have to... love ourselves, and respect to each other. I really recommend this film. Yes I want to say I don't really like romantic films but this one... ...Yeah I think I will watch it again with my parents. Well guys, see you on Monday Bye! See you next day!

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