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An Atheist Meets God

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Dumb-y-dumb-y-dum, I don't believe in God! Dumb-u-dumb-y-dum, everything came from the Big Bang! Dumb-y-dum, and the Bible was written by moral men! Dumb-y-dum... WHAT THE?! ... uh uh ... Where am I? Where do you think you are? Who are You? I am the God of the Bible, the Creator of the Universe. You are here to be judged before Me. Am I in heaven? According to my all-knowing knowledge, you did not believe in me when you were alive. Explain why! I need to know! Umm.. Because there was no evidence that you actually exist? No evidence ?! Have you ever heard of sth called the Holy Bible? Well, yeaaah, but... But nothing! I wrote that book! And if you had read it, you'd have known that! Do you actually admit that you are an atheist? Well, yeah...? As I wrote in the Bible, the only way to salvation is through My son, Jesus Christ. But I was a good person. I volunteered at a homeless shelter for, like, ten years. It doesn't matter! Did you or did you not worship me, the God of the Bible? Uhhhh, no? Wrong answer! I created the Universe! You should worhip and praise me! I am not very happy about this! Isn't it a little petty of you? Silence!, my universe, my rules! Ok, what about if I start worshipping and praising you now? Too late, you fail your test in life and now you must face eternal consequences. But I regard that you suppose to be all merciful and all forgiven Only to people that believe that I exist Once I made someone die, and they see me, they can't change their mind exactly how forgiven you expect me to be? And you make an exception? I mean I told my children to be considerate and generous to others Nooo, How do you think heaven will be like if I let in every good person? Ahh I only want people who praised and worshipped me, and thank me when good thinks happened to them preferable on national television. So why you allow bad things to happen?, even to christians who love you? I don't have time for this nonsense, I have praises to listen to and toast to burn images of the Virgin Mary on too, I mean I could be bless in America right now You can pick a copy of my frequently asked questions from my assistance on your way out. Where am I going? Where do you think your going? I hate to have to do this, but I am sending you to hell to burn and excruciate in pain for eternity But why? I wasn't a bad person at all you fail t believe what I wrote about myself in my best selling book. You may as well be a baby rapper, your faith would be the same Ok, I telling you what, let me return to earth for a day so I can tell my love ones that you really exists and that they must worship and praise you, or else. Noooooooo They must learn the true the same way everyone else does. through one of the many questionably translated and edited versions of my 2000 year old collection of desert script lines, and nothing more. Besides, your skull where totally crushed by that bus, bringing you back to life would be medically impossible, even by miracle standards There are some things that I just cannot fix, remember that Terry Shoble chick? There was profound brain damage, amputated legs, rabies But I thought you were .. Silence!!! You had your chance, hell is for people like you, for being skeptical of me. Or for being born in a culture with a false religion and failing to find a path to Jesus-Christ instead. Can I speak with someone else? like whoever made you? Good bye, non christian Noooooooo Let this be a warning for the rest of you Workship and praise me the god of the bible, or else Brought to you by christians for the praising and worshipping of the god of the bible or else

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Posted by: diegoarcega on Dec 23, 2009

It's the moment of judgment for one fool who says there is no God. Christians, get ready to laugh as he learns his eternal fate!

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