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MAKE - POST PRODUCTION - Editing - Screening for Producers

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As you're becoming more and more experienced as an editor... still come across the same issues and same problems... ...that you did when you're first starting out. Little things like – cleaning up the sound for example... Nowadays it's a big part of the job... ...because producers expect to see the films... ...or their television shows in some very good shape or form. So sometimes if the sound is really wonky and all over the place... it might not bother you because that's what you do... for a living - you're used to it. But when other people watch it, they can't experience the scene... because there's so many problems with the sound. Sometimes, I don't realize the sound is as bad as it is, until I play it for an audience, and they're like, "I can't understand what that person's saying." So I think being cognizant of that... always an important thing. Also, doing temporary color corrections. Sometimes when they shoot nighttime scenes... ...we get the raw dailies back and they're... ...lit extremely bright- obviously that's not how they're going to turn out, but when you're sitting in there... ...I'm not thinking about it because I'm just putting the scene together. But then when the director watches it, they're like "Woah! Why is this so bright? It's supposed to be nighttime." And it's just little things like that, that... ...nowadays we have the tools and the... ...ability to do it really quickly, But sometimes if you're not paying attention to it... ... you can get caught with your pants down as it were.

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MAKE - POST PRODUCTION - Editing - Screening for Producers

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