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Le pari

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** Applause ** I want to see everyone with the same heart as Gilbert and you Andre? I think it is necessary to act on the same basic points, which are imperative umm.. that's all that's happened to me Is that all? uhh, yea that's all.. umm... well.. someone offered me a smoke.. I refused You refused? I.. I.. I.. tttoo... took a ssmm.. ssmmall pp..ppufff ffff.. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tobacco is wacko, it will end all your friends. Tobacco is wacko, it will end all your friends. Good Not good Good Not Good Good Good No, not good! There's smoking in the rear view mirror! ** Applause ** Go! Go! Attack the cigarette, and break it in half. Next! ** screams ** Not good Good Not good Good.. with moderation... Watch how the exercise is done/ Want a cigarette? Oh no, that's not good! Not good! Want a cigarette? Oh no, that's not good! Not good! no, no, everything's good.. mmmm .. ehhh .. have a good day Not good Not good Not good Good! Gooooooddd .... Goooooodddd .... Gooooooddd .... Welcome .. Welcome .. Here to stop smoking cigarettes? ehh .. Didier .. Bernard .. Philippe .. Maurice Ma. Mau .. .. Maurice.. Philip. Not good Good Not good good Not good Repeat! NO, I'm not a pansy! Good! Who are cigarettes for? It's for pansies! [*correction: n'est pas 'pout'.. c'est pour] Are you a pansy? " No, I'm not a pansy! Are you a pansy?!?! I'm not a pansy! Good! Ans what about Camel cigaretters, who are Camel cigarettes for? For sluts! Are you a slut? No, I'm not a slut! Good! Now go on your way and don't forget! Quote it! Tobacco is wacko, it will end all your friends! Oh, I want this.. Thanks Hey, umm do you have a small spoon to ... uh, there ya go! Thanks! Oh sorry .. oh excuse me .. sorry .. excuse me .. sorry .. Uh, aren't you the producer? Oh, oh .. no, I'm not a producer. No, No.. I am a Pharmacist. I'm uhhh .... ..I'll take some whiskey. Oh, let me intoduce you to my sister, Muriel. Hello Enchanted I don't know how to ask this, but would you mind signing an autograph? Just a warning ... it's a hundred francs per autograph! No, it's free as long as I get the privilege to sleep with your sister! Here ya go ... Nice right? Ah, yes! Hey, I've been looking for you for the past 2 hours! So you drinking some alcohol .. excuse sir, if you please, not just one cup .. umm two instead.. It's amazing how you two look alike! Yes, yes! Along with the fact that we have the same earrings on, and even our lipstick color! I'm gonna beat that huge jerk up! What'd you say? I'm gonna beat that little jerk up! So, what's the name again? Muriel ... to Muriel. Yes. Hoe beautifullll ... Isabelllle! [accent prolonged to make the words rhyme] Cigarette.. not good a cigarette.. Hey Frank! I'd like to introduce you to my man. Bernard ... just a small teacher at one of your favorite locations! Frank, just a small actor, but said some heart. But honestly I don't want to tell you with my heart, ya see Oh well, Bernard doesn't really watch TV. Let's just say I chose my TV shows is differently. I don't just watch anything! Well yes I agree, and with all my shows I look to my audience as evidence. Yea.. No, but it's not an excuse that! [*correction: personnellement je ça merde] I personally do this crap! Well, let me introduce myself: Didier ... Pharmacist, producer... And what you have produced? ha, screw me up the ass and I can whip you dirty bitch ... ... by the way I have a role for you! Hey.. hey.. heyy Am I not entitled to an autograph, is my wife better than I am, huh! Stop Bernard! Are you drunk or what?! Drunk?! I'm not drunk! Ohh .. Easy let my buddy go! Leave him alone! Okay .. Okay! It's done .. we're done! I don't care, I don't want to see you! I don't want to see you! You'll blow through all the queers, that's all you want, I don'tt want to see you, ya hear! Didier, come here! Smoking is not good ... ..I said not good. It's over, you understand?! Cigarette? No! Not Good! Tobacco is wacko, it will end all your friends. It wasn't me ... it's her. Hey, you smoke, eh bitch? Eh Here! Have you no shame? Not good! Huh, not good! I got your back! But wait he's a pharmacist, call his office and you'll see! No, no! Nobody calls me at work! If I don't make it to work it's good news anyways! Well, we've never seen a pharmacist smoke a cigarette with no 'chant-smoking'! Yea, well I've never seen a cop with a typewriter, this does not prevent someone from being a cop. heh heh .. I didn't say it ... We'll get along by the looks of it. But anyways, you don't fall into the stereotype of this kind of crime anyway! Ouch! Ouch! You've no right! Why do you want a left? Dammit leave him alone. You can see, he has no malice in him anyway! He looked more like 'Snoop Dogg', that rapper in hip-hop! Oh really, Why? You want a smack too, you want one? Do you want one?! Do you?! Okay, Okay! Yes, we .. it's us ... It's us what?! We're the ones ... It's us who what?! It was us who ... It was us who what?! We were the ones who went and looked for the drugs .. The what?? The drugs. Well then! But wait, is this the first time? Oh no.. no no! Just last week we had some .. or had to drink it in stock at Saint-Germain. Yeah, Yeah! Well there was a resistant chick, she was good when attacked! Oh yeah! Then she .. eh .. the lady .. who came to buy some... she was raped! Umm Nuh Uh! No No! Yes huh! No! You hit her first! Ohhh yeaa! He struck her. As she fell, she banged her head, and she died ... That's.. That's when we raped her. There ya go! In fact, we were careful! He put condoms on. Do you .. do you know what condoms are? It's used to... protect, me from the police! **laughs mockingly** Oh, very little my dear, very little! Eating at a regular time every day is very important .. Very important! And one must chew, because chewing is healthy .. healthy chewing. Absolutely! Could I have a little bread my dear friend? Um a bit of bread is not part of your diet, my dear friend ... ... But a lot, yes! Oh, don't mix fats and carbs! Oh! What was I thinking? Carbs on one side and fats on the other. A little cake Bernard! It's good for your health! Oh! very little .. very little! This, yes like this.. no more, no more! There we go .. there we go! very slow Thank you! And here is the lovely maiden! Oh ..! she is beautiful, she is beautiful! I say this to the Frigard meal that without whom my life ... ... Would be a pain to live. I named it .. the will! Oh! Yes! That's it my brother, long live the will! Long Live the Will!

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Posted by: priscylla.bento on May 3, 2011

"tu as refusé?"..

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