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pacos' tacos

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On a Sunday afternoon in September 1974, there was a big party in the Mission Everybody was invited to Paco's tacos at the corner of South Van Ness and 24th street. It was the inauguration of a new mural that the taco stand had commisiones for the wall outside the shop. Tacos, hot-dogs and art? Well, the little taco shop wanted to attract more customers and gain support for its ongoing campaign against McDonald's The fast food giant was coming to the corner of 24th and Mission. where it still stands today. The Latino Women's Art group, las mujeres muralistas was given the job and painted the mural "Para el Mercado" The subject we picked out, the Mercado, has to do with food and the market place in Latinamerica. And you chose the theme of the market place? We thought that it would be more appropriate for the place. Because it's how food is sold in Latinamerica. There are so many murals being done in the Mission now Why is that? Why is it happening now and not 10 years ago? Why here and not else where? I don't know, I think murals have been all over the country The meaning of murals to us is more significant. meaning that we no longer repeal that art should be kept in the galleries And it was a very exciting moment. It was a moment of the artist being able to do murals and to be able to go to the university and study for the first time especieally for us -Latinos. We got scholarships at the Art Institute. The doors opened right up for us. Because it was right after the civil right movements and the Chicano movement The 1970's was much more activist, more working class economically and more Latino than it is today You couldn't find a taxi cab on Mission Street. and it was a continuation of the spirit of the 60's and there was a lot of community organizing going on. And arts and culture fitted into that very nicely. It absolutely did. Paco's Tacos closed in the early 1980's. The mural outside the shop is also gone.

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pacos' tacos

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