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7. The Vatican Rules the World

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7. The Vatican Rules the World Do you want to trace all of those who I have been talking about? If you want to trace back all the wars and bloodshed, all the corruption going all around the world, people talk about the Jewish conspiracy, the Jewish lesson to now, No. no... It's not. // No like everything else, it's just a front. You want to go back to the people who are really doing this stuff all around the world tours the Vatican. You can bet on it. That's why Hollywood is making movies like and uh, like a those , some of those last thing what was it with them. 'Angel and Demons' and 'Davinci Code' talking about the Vatican and then all the occult stuff. Let me tell you something. Rome has been ruling Europe for almost 2 thousand 3 hundred years. The Vatican's been ruling Europe for at least 16 hundred years. All of the Royalty and celebrities and loyalty of Europe are royalty they did rule by divine right, right? But where do you get the divine right from? you get it it from the holy father. God'd give you the divine right. Nobody's talked to god lightly. You don't need to talk to god. The Vatican will decide if you are one of their boys and if you're one of the boys, the pope will then, you know bless you. what they like they did Michael Coleone on the Godfather 3, and with the sword or that kind of thing. And now, you are divinely appointed. By who? by the pope. The people at the Vatican and the Vatican represents are very powerful secret society. There's been an operation in the Roman Empire long before the Vatican ever existed as referred to was Sun Order. S.U.N .. the Sun Order. Going back to Egypt? / Yes. Going back to Egypt. Absolutely right. and so the Sun was always represented as an eagle, The eagle always represents the Sun. / The hawk, eagle... Exactly, the hawk of all the eagles. Now eagles only have two wings, left wing and right wing, so that's why you always have, that's why you always have a division between the left wing and the right wing in politics and religion. Because you need two feet, you need to walk through this world on two feet. Yeah.. So that's just beginning we could talk about all those later. Thank you, Jordan, I really appreciate it, not only to join Jordan Maxwell and have brilliant piece of information. Thank you for watching Jordan Maxwell and I'm Alan.. for New Reality. Thank you, see you next time.

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Posted by: pound on Jan 17, 2011

In conclusion Maxwell explains one of the oldest conspirators in Western history, the Catholic church and their manipulations of world affairs.

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