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Live at santa Fé part 1 - Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother

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Little Grandmother Live at Santa Fe Soul an evening with wisdom keeper / shaman Little Grandmother Part 1 of 2 beeing a wisdom keeper... there's not very many of us on the planet right now and - I'm the blondest, whitest, youngest wisdom keeper out of the whole group and sometimes, that's a bit rough to deal with because, like all of you know, if you come to see a 'little grandmother' you are not expecting this [pointing to herself] and... so [it?] does make me nervous in some of the other films that I've done you get comment like 'why weren't you in full regalia and things like that I could very much be sitting here in full regalia but this is me and so I'm here to share my message with you just beeing who I am part of you just like you are you I am me I am not here for some big show I'm simply here to share from my heart the information I have received over the last year as wisdom keepers we have made an oath to share no matter how hart it is to share and some things are difficult for me to talk about because although I believe [..?] full heart [..?] [..?] will never question any information I got its (aehm) sometimes difficult for others to hear but I am going to share exactly as I have received and knowing that what has come is for the people of this planet, of this mother earth at this time right now and it's beeing asked to be shared everyone [..?] is supposed to be hearing these messages now now across the globe the wisdom keepers are all talking about the same things and so now it is time for us to hear the wisdom of the grandfathers, the grandmothers and those on the other side who we have been taught to listen to and to trust, with our entire lives and so, I would like to start by talking about - not jumping right into 2010 - but I would like to talk about first a little recall of what's happend in the laste couple of years and so we have [a] kind of a format to follow here two years ago in about 2008 the wisdom keepers were gathered for a meeting and it was at that time that we were asked to share with the people for the people of all nations all colors, all indigenous tribes and non-indigenous tribes to understand the importance of our ancestors of the ancient ways and so this is what we talked about for a full year please remember your ancient cultures remember what the ancient people talked about remember your ancestors, remember those ways remember the wisdom that they kept and for a full year thet is all we talked about and the that lead into the "Return of the Ancestors Gathering" which was a large ceremony that few of you where attending at that time if you think back about it you can actually see a large change even here in Santa Fee in the last couple of years think of some of the cultural differences how people are actually listening to and understanding the ancient ways, the ancestors so this is really transparent and is really hapen[ed?] on a global level, people are remembering those ancient truth that we once had and that _they_ talked about then, after that, we were asked as a collective whole of wisdom keepers to speak about: remember who you are! and if you were here at the last taping the last meeting taht we've had that was the main topic: please remember who you are and I'd like to talk a little bit about that because most of you were not here and in order to unserstand what is beeing asked of us in 2010 you _must_ remember who you are at that time I was asked to speak about this and the best way to describe it is that a very long time ago our ancient ancestors knew many many truth about how to live on this planet conduct ourselfs as one another how to remember, how to listen to Higher Self how to get correct answers from one another and [from?] yourself and somewhere along that line we forgot who we were we split of into different religious groups we split of into different groups, and we hated one anotherm we were at war with one another we did all maner of pretty terrible things because we lost the ancient truth and so, for a moment I would ask you to do something: set aside - and I respect all religions, please don't get me wrong! - but for one moment, set aside religion set aside man-made organisations set aside rules and regulations set aside right and wrong and believing you could earn your way into heaven and that there ist something out there that you have to live up to in order to live in heaven I would ask you: just for a moment, if you could set that down and now for a moment, I want you to think about what it would be like, what it _is_ like, to understand: you are god there's not something else ruling your live you are ruling your live there is no one else to live up to you are god, and you are goddess you are the great I-Am every single one of you is the great I-Am I am the great I-Am, I am god and goddess I am the creator [and] so every single one of you religion is man-made that is srary to say, especially on camera because for most of my live I belong to a very strict religion but I say to you now, with yll of my knowing, and every bit of my beeing: religion is man-made something separated us from the great I-Am something separated us from our true knowing and we are asking you as wisdom keepers all over this planet to remember you are god, you are goddess you are the creator you are the great I-Am you are not separated from Tokashila you are Tokashila you are god if you can really understand that if you really get that you came from something much vaster much larger, than many of us remember [it is] something enormous that we came from where all things exist, where all things are perfect and beautiful and our great I-Am send a little spark of us here to a planet, which is just not a rock orbiting in the system but is something more sacred than almost any of us can fathom [=understand] this beautiful mother earth is exactly as I say: she is our mother she is sacred goddess and she is revered and loved not just by human kind but by many, by everyone that is out in the great everything and so if you really think about that if there are many many many beeings all over and they all revere our mother earth as something sacred how privileged we are to be here we are here! Not everybody get's to come! Not every body get's to come to this planet. and not only are we here but we are here right now when mother earth becomes her own beautiful immaculate goddess that comes into her own changing we are going to see that happen when this planet becomes her own heaven when she comes into her ful glory that is happening now it is going to happen in your livetime and it's already on it's way now do you think by andy great chance that we are just here? if something so sacred and so brilliant is changing into her most brilliant way of beeing how blessed of a chance that we are here you are here, I am here it is because we are the strongest of the strong throughout to our lineage of ancestors it was _you_ who got to be here right now you were the one chosen to be here right now not somebody else not those that came before but you! in a pivotal time on this planet where we as human beeings were born into a way of thinking, instead of feeling we're all born into this society knowing - and we were taught right from wrong we were taught what to do what not to do we were taught how to think our way through and that's not how it's supposed to be a very very very long time ago before organized religion we were taught by ancient truth and I will get into where that came from, in a moment but we were taught to live from our heart, and not our mind and yet this is what we've been doing for milennia, now is living from our heads and we were taught that since birth how to think out everything how to base all decisions by the mind and now we have to change it we, the people in this room the people out there all of us that are here on this planet now you know you _must_ be the strongest of the strong no one else could do it no one else could come here and switch the universal way of thinking and beeing, if you were not the strongest of the strong but your great I-AM's are very very powerful and if you truly are god and goddess you can create anything the one thing that stops you from creating what you wish to create is your limit of thinking we must get out of our heads remember _who_ you are and start to create what limits are there to god and goddess? there are none. no limits the only limits happening for us are those that we put upon ourselfs we see this world this dream that is happening and we think we have to obey exactly how it's going the truth is: we're going to change it. the truth is: we are beeing asked to change it right now the truth is: for several hundereds of years the wisdom-keepers have been here and then when they pass, another one becomes the wisdom-keeper, that keep the prophecies going but the prophecies have every single one of them become true, but one: there is a list of prophecies that you will find all over the planet from the ancient wisdom-keepers every single one of them have happened exactly as they said there is only one left the only one left is that the light-beeings, our teachers, those who are higher than us will return here and we will know this this sounds a little phenomenal, I guess to say light-beeings are out there but how crazy of an idea is it? you don't have to be a wisdom-keeper to understand we are not alone it is an actual fact and there is intelligence out there much vaster much higher than ourselfs and they come from everything good and beatiful and light and love and they love us they love us as their own children they have been here for a very long time since the beginning and with them they brought truth the brought with them a way for us to live and to be happy and they taught us, that we are the great I-AM they taught us that we are god and goddess and we've remembered [?] who we were

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an evening with Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother
part 1 of 2

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