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THE MEETING BETWEEN DK BEL AND THE YAMAS The DK-BEL association was born from the urge to develop an amateur practice outside school life with young people we met at our school and who were our students. When they reached high school we wanted them to pursue this dance practice like us, so we created the association to have a place to express ourselves artistically. Hold your back and release your muscles. We are physical exercise and sports teachers in the same school for sixteen years. Meeting the YAMAS and the idea to work together happened progressively. We met when most of them were still in secondary school. We had a first meeting, they read their work to us, they held some small dances with wheelchairs. We had some rather informal meetings, just to share, to show what each one was doing individual. After that we developed the desire to go even further. Feline, quiet movements on the ground, and when you pass near YAMAS members or when they come near you, something happens quietly. Use more space, you have some. First of all you mustn't be scared, you have to overcome your fear. At the beginning it was very hard; we didn't know how to proceed or where to lean on, or if we were going to hurt them. At the beginning we didn't know how to proceed at all. Some of them don't speak well, you have to try to understand. That's the hardest, to identify the person, the human being, not just the disabled one. For the young people from the institution, this was a very natural thing. They were very happy to meet young able-bodied people, while they were also transmitting quite an interesting image of themselves. But I know that it was rather difficult for the DK-BEL, for they were deeply moved when meeting people with disabilities. The first time we went to the foundation we all left with tears, really, but then it evolved well luckily. Because of our difficulties at the beginning, we thought we couldn't follow. But at the end we managed to develop a proper choreography. In this type of work, you need patience, listening skills, to know how to work together. Finally, one day we asked ourselves why wouldn't they go on stage with us? At the beginning we said WOW, what are the teachers proposing? Finally, we talked about it together and we said OK, if we don't try we won't know if it can work. Finally it did work. We really didn't think it would be possible. Gradually, we danced and danced and, just like that, we had a show. It taught us how to move our body much more, to be conscious of our different body-parts, Personally, I have grown much more confident in myself since doing this. When I ask you how you are, you say I'm on a roll. But not because you’re alive and kicking, you have many reasons to complain -- but always with a smile on your face. Personally now I tell myself, don't rely just on appearances. That's what really comes out, to always look behind and beyond, to find out what there is in someone. The look of pity doesn't exist anymore, we don't pity the YAMAS anymore. Never again will I pity a disabled person anymore. Pity is a negative feeling When we work, we don't talk about each others' differences anymore, now we work as quote unquote « professionals ». What does this work bring to you? Happiness You received financial aid. Are you willing to talk about it? Yes we thank Sofinco, they were the trigger. Following SOFINCO's first help, we created a file to create an album and we received funding to launch this project with the YAMAS.

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vid 0007

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