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'Men, Women & Children' Movie Trailer

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>> So what do you want to know? >> What's important in your life right now? [♪ music ♪] [Paramount] [Right of Way Films] >> I think if I disappeared tomorrow, the universe wouldn't really notice. There's a girl though. [from Jason Reitman] >> OK, you've read through every solitary interaction I've had on every single website, Mom. >> Honey, you know I just do this to keep you safe. OK, let me see your phone. >> It's a bit of an invasion, don't you think? [the firector of 'Up in the Air' & 'Juno'] >> Don't allow guilt to prevent you from doing what's right. You said something about video games. >> My son's pretty into them. >> And very dangerous. I'm keep my daughter safe. And of course I can teach all of you how to do the same. >> I have installed a camera in my daughter's brain and a seven-digit PIN code on her vagina. >> We got six new subscribers today. You sure you're comfortable? >> Yeah. >> So how you feeling? >> What? Right now? >> It's been almost two months. >> No it hasn't. >> Last time was after that barbecue at your sister's. >> So you're a photographer? >> No, it's just a hobby. We use the photos on Hannah's acting website. >> Oh my God. >> Remember when you saw her for the first time? Well, we do too, and we're happy to bring you back to those remember when experiences with someone new. >> I'm going to head out and see my sister this afternoon. I think I'll just end up staying the night. >> Maybe I'll call Ken, go out for some beers. >> Hey, haven't done that in a while. >> How come you didn't respond message? >> My mom. She must have just deleted it before I even saw it. I have a secret. [This Fall] [Discover How Little You Know] [About The People You Know] >> You don't seem to understand how dangerous it is out there. >> The only thing that's dangerous in this house, Mom, is you! >> Why didn't you tell me? [Men, Women, & Children] [based on the novel by Chad Kultgen] [screenplay by Jason Reitman & Erin Cressida Wilson] [] [directed by Jason Reitman] [October] [what do you whisper?] [#MWC]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 47 seconds
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Posted by: aarp on Oct 16, 2014

A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.

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