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We have a very big lake, Lake Chad, that are provided for trade, for livelihood, and water That all has dried up and so, it has exist a bit of poverty in that area The government with an emerging democracy became a challenge and we also saw the weakening of institutions that did not provided for the rules of law it didn't provide for an adequate capacity to give services for education or health So, a number of issues are coming together to create really bad environments, and that's not what you know you get at the end of it So, the SDGs will look at the most vulnerable but at the same time it will look on the sustainability of the planet (Yes) That would mean that not only the developing countries will be focused but the developed countries will also be asked to change the understanding of the paradigm for economic growth Isn't that a major change? It's a huge paradigm shift When you say this is about everyone then everyone's got to look in the mirror It's about how you use the skill sets, the knowledge, and the experience all we have today today to give us more sustainable lifestyle Change the way we think about those lifestyle I also think it's true the lifestyle you have in Japan today If every one of the countries that is below the poverty line today with over 60% of its population gets their economy right and starts such a trajectory of growth that will reach Japan they will all go for your lifestyles That is what is seen as developed and that's not sustainable at the current rate it's not So you can imagine that my country today that is a very low emitter if it follows that past it'll become the past Japan And that’s what we don't want Now we have to take responsibility that if you regard yourself as developed then you have to be developed with responsibility As you see these as a consequence to the consumption There's a consequence to the way we produce we are able to say that Look, this is the evidence that shows you could continue to use fossil fuels in the way we are then we will in the end do so much damage to the planet we will be the one that would suffer The planet can exist without us but we can't exist without it So we will go first

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