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Create a Windows Server Virtual Machine

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[Microsoft Azure] [male speaker] Hi, I'm Scott Hanselman, and I've just signed up for a free trial of Microsoft Azure. Right now I'm in the Azure portal, where I can manage my websites, virtual machines, and other Azure resources. I'm going to create a Windows virtual machine and then remote desktop into it. I can do a quick create or pick from a large gallery of virtual machines. There's lots of VMs to pick from, and MSDN subscribers get access to exclusive machines like Visual Studio. But I'm going to do a quick create. I'll put in thisismyvm. And I can pick Windows 2012 R2. I'll pick a medium-sized one and I'll put in my name and my password. I'll pick the location; I'm in the West U.S., so I'll put it there, and I'm going to click Create a Virtual Machine. And right now, it's provisioning; it's creating that Windows virtual machine. That virtual machine is firing up in the background. I can move around inside of the Azure portal and do other things, create more virtual machines or websites. I don't have to wait for this virtual machine in order to do other management tasks. Now that virtual machine has provisioned itself; it took about five minutes. I fast forwarded time in order to save you time. Now I can click on that virtual machine, see that it's been created, I could learn about how to manage that, add disks, talk to it with PowerShell. What I'm going to do is click on the dashboard. I can see the CPU—of course it hasn't done anything yet. I'm going to click connect. And it's going to download an RDP file and I'll hit Open. And I'm going to connect to that virtual machine. So now I'm using remote desktop to connect over the internet to the virtual machine. And see this is the first time this virtual machine's been logged into. It's a brand new fresh VM. And there it is; here's the server manager. I'm remoted in, remote desktop in to this virtual machine running in Windows Azure. I can come down here, right click, Task Manager, take a look at what the CPU is doing. Click on performance; you can see I have 2 processors, and I've got 3.5 gigs of RAM, exactly what I asked for. From here, I can go and shut this down, or log out, go back over into the Azure portal, and I'll shut the virtual machine down from here. And when that virtual machine is shut down, I'm no longer being billed. Creating VMs in Windows Azure is very, very easy. Have fun. [Microsoft Azure]

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