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Mihai Eminescu prezentare Lorena Stejaran prof Chelba Daniela

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Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) The way of live can be the truth, we can't command the truth. Mihai Eminescu is the seventh child of the eleven children of Gheorghe Eminovici. The childhood had live at Botoşani and Ipoteşti, in the parental home and in the sorroundings Between 1858 and 1886 followed intermittently National primary school Hauptschule The signature of Eminescu Between 1860 and 1861 he attended to Ober-Gymnasium On the 16th of April, in 1863 he definitely left the classes, although he had a good situation at school 1886 is the year of the first literary manifestations of Eminescu In June 1886 he left Bucovina and settled down in Blaj Between 1869 and 1872 he was a student at Viena. And then he was an "extraordinary auditor" to the Faculty of Philosophy and Law Between 1872 and 1874 he was an "extraordinary" student at Berlin. Junimea granted him a scholarship provided to take his doctorate in Philosophy On the 1st April, in 1869 he founded with other young men the literary set, which aimed, among other, the collecting of fairy tales, folk poetry On 1st September was appointed to the post of director of the Central Library in Iaşi In addition to the tasks of the library, Eminescu taught Logical lessons instead of Xenopol at the Academic Institute In 19th September, in a letter addressed to the Secretary of diplomatic agency in Berlin, motivated in it why he abandoned this task In 7th October, Maiorescu found out with the help of Al. Lambrior the fact that Eminescu can't leave abroad so soon to make the doctorate because he was stopped by the serious happenings in his family: two of his sisters sicked by typhus at baths in Boemia. In early 1875 he had tidied up the library and proposed enriching it with Romanian manuscripts and old books. In 26th May sent an eulogistic raport to the Minister related on a Ion Creanga's didactic book In 1st July he was invited to take up his new post of reviser and the next day he handed over to the D's library. On 5th September he sent a report with reorganization's proposals of schools in the Vaslui county Eminescu's death had occurred on June 15th, in 1889 around 4 am The poet's body was exhibit to the public in the St. George church, on a simple bier, adorned with fir-tree FINISH Presented by the student Stejerean Lorena

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