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What's your genius - intro

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Let me ask you a question. This is you. Now, how much money could you make if you were twice as productive? And how much fun would that be if you were twice as productive with half the effort? What if you could get twice the satisfaction from what you do while feeling half as difficult. Instead of feeling tired, impassionate, overwhelmed or just plain bored with your current role, instead of fighting to be more successful imagine feeling fully engaged, passionate and satisfied with what you do and how you're doing. Now, you might imagine that in order to do that you would have to increse effort, work even harder or put in a ton of time, work, money to achieve such a thing. Or maybe completely change your life or job altogether. What I'm about to show you however is that you actually CAN achieve twice the performance with half the effort. You really CAN reach peak levels of performance make loads more money feel truly fulfilled and engaged in what you do and instead of adding effort money or time to do it I'm going to show you how you can achieve all of these by actually removing effort in your life instead of adding it. Instead of increasing what you have to do I'm gonna show you how you can decrease what you have to do yet still achieve more. You're about to learn the two most important traits possessed by all the most successful people discovered in a recently conducted 7-year scientific research study of over 197 000 individuals from across 23 countries. This groundbreaking research which has been validated by multiple scientific opinions even been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal revealed that there were two key traits that were only present in the most successful performers in the entire study. Again, that's 197 000 people from around the world. And the cool thing is that these two traits are something that anyone can learn to develop. I know because not only have I done it myself, but I've taught thousands of others what these traits were and how to develop them, so they could achieve twice the performance with half the effort... which they have done, over and over again. Around the world everyday people, just like you have taken the lessons from this study and using our process learn to apply them to their lives to achieve twice the performance or more. To become fully engaged to become more passionate or more successful and satisfied and just plain a lot happier in their lives. All by learning what these two traits are and how to develop them. Again and this is the really cool part if you ask me they all do this by reducing effort in their lives by removing things by simplifying rather than complicating their lives. Instead of adding, doing more or complicating your life to achieve this reality I'm going to teach you how to subtract do less and simplify your life instead. These are the same two traits that helped that helped (...) peak performance expert Tony Robbins to the very top of his industry by allowing him to maximize and leverage his greatest natural talents. These are the same two traits that Michael Lorelli the former CEO of Pepsi Co. and Pizza Hut credits as playing the pivotal role in his rise to the very top of the companies he worked in. And enjoying the ride completely at the same time. These two traits allowed Randy Haykin the founding VP of sales and marketing at YAHOO to achieve incredible success. And as early as college age. Even doctor Marshall Goldsmith, who's considered perhaps the most successful executive coach in the world, someone who is personally called on by top CEOs throughout the Fortune 500 says it was these two traits that significantly fuelled his rise to the top of his industry. I could go on and on with the list of people I interviewed who lived by these two traits Olympians, Harvard surgeons, Hollywood celebrities and on. In each case where I interviewed someone considered top of his or her industry without fail I found these two traits in the centre of their philosophy on success satisfaction and happiness. Now don't get me wrong just because these are the same two traits found among some of the very best in the world that doesn't mean you have to be a millionaire or a Harvard MD or a famous movie actor. These two traits can be developed by anyone at any level of success. They have nothing to do with your intelligence, your IQ, they don't require any money, you don't need to spend years in some buddist temple honing them and it doesn't matter how old you are where you live or what you do for a living. I know, because not only have I seen everyday people all over the world learn how to develop them and leverage them to take this increadible success journey I mean stay at home mums startup entrepreneurs students, auto mechanics sales people, administrative assistants, TV reporters... I know this because I've seen all these people do it but I've personally done the very same thing. You see, and trust me when I say this it's a bit embarassing to share the story with you but in my twenties there was a short period in my life where I was so broke that I had to eat dead man's food. I was living in southern California, thousands of miles away from any family or real friends I was a college drop out, who was out of work and so financially broke that I could barely afford to eat. But I had a friend who worked in a local hospital. He knew how broke I was. And to help out every day after someone passed away in a hospital he would leave their name on a roaster one extra shift. So one extra meal was produced in a kitchen each day. And his friends would meet me outside the loading dock behind the hospital and give me that meal. Some days that was the only square meal I got. Long before the research I've had the dumb luck I guess you could call to stumble upon the fact that I could achieve significantly greater success if I learn to do what I'm about to teach you how to do. And in doing so for myself I was able to go from what was the lowest point of my life to key positions in Fortune 100 companies to eventually founding my own company with over 375 consultants benefiting tens of thousands of clients from offices in the United States the United Kingdom, Latin America, China, France, Australia, South Africa.... So when I tell you that what I'm about to teach you really can change your life entirely I mean it. All right... Are you ready to learn what these two traits are that we identified in this groundbreaking international research study? The two traits developed to maximum levels by all the best we could find? And the same two traits that hold the potential to help you achieve twice the performance satisfaction and happiness in your life with half the effort. All right... And here you go. The two traits identified in the study are what we call Self-Awareness and Authenticity. Now let me explain what each of these really are and in the next three free videos I'm going to teach you how to develop them to those maximum levels. Self awareness simply means the level of awareness you have for the natural "mental" talents you possess based on how your mind thinks and makes decisions. Now this is much more than simply asking yourself "Hey, what am I good at?" It means really understanding what natural talents you have based on the neural networks based on your decision making style. Why're you motivated to use them based on your natural drivers and motivations and HOW you prefer to use them based on your natural behavioural style. I'm talking about talents like strategic thinking complex problem solving emotional intelligence organizational ability, conceptual thinking, empathy, initiative, persistence and many more out of over 120 measurable talents in the study. And I'm not talking about just "kind of knowing" your natural talents or some "fuzzy" awareness. The average person on the street has about a 57% degree of self awareness those most successful in the study possessed 89 to 90%. So that's the difference. But once you get self awareness, the first trait, that's not all of it. Once you know your greatest natural talents you're not done. The second trait that the study showed that the most successful people possess at superior levels is what we call Authenticity. Authenticity simply means how true you are to your natural talents. How well you adjust what you do and how you do it based on your great natural talents. Let me give you an example of both Self Awareness and Authenticity. Let's take the natural talent one of the ones we looked at in a study called organizational ability. And we'll expand and explore these talents in the other three videos but let's deal with just this one for an example. If you don't have a natural ability for organizing things for creating detailed organizational plans for being organized and believe it or not that's actually a natural, mental talent that's not a skill, that's not a knowledge, it's not something your read a book and all of the sudden become a great at, it's not something that aren't good at now because you just never applied yourself. That's (...). Organizational ability is actually a natural mental talent that occurs based on the way you see the world based on the way your neural networks are wired. So let's imagine you DO NOT have a natural talent for organizational ability. That would be self awareness - knowing that that's not a mental talent that I possess, a great talent of mine. Let's move it to Authenticity now. Now that I have self awareness I really know myself and I know that's not something I'm good at being Authentic would mean that when I set my goals I know I'm not organized so I'm gonna outsource that. I'm gonna have somebody else make sure that I'm organized. I'm gonna pay somebody I'm gonna delegate to an employee I'm gonna partner with somebody in what we call "talent bartering" later on it's in other videos. But I'm gonna make sure that my success doesn't depend on that non-talent. That's the key to behind Authenticity. Most people were taught that if you're not very good at organizational ability, if you're not great at creating organized detailed plans or planning things out or having a nice, orderly process if that's not something you're good at then you need to fix yourself. You need to change yourself because that's vital for this role. Therein lies the big difference. Most people would tend to think "I'm the thing that needs to be fixed", "I need to look inwarldy and say 'Hey what's wrong with me' ", "How do I change myself", where the very best, the most successful, look outside themselves and they say "Hey, how do I change the world", "I have these natural mental talents and I have non-talents also, I don't possess natural talents" and each one of those is equally as important by the way. And the best performers change that up they flip it upside down and say "I'm not gonna be good at this how do I get the world to change so it doesn't rely on that ability." There's the difference. The key is to make sure that your success is maximally dependant on the natural talents you DO have and instead of trying to change yourself look outside and try to fix the role where your success is minimally dependent on the non-talents you have, outsource in other words and there's been a lot of talk about outsourcing lately and while outsourcing is definitely one way to stay Authentic before you start doing it successfully though you have to know WHAT to outsource. You can't just have a universal list of "Here's all the things you should outsource based on what you don't know" Self awareness is the first step. Based on your greatest natural talents and non-talents what should you and shouldn't you be doing to ensure that you maximize results while minimizing effort. You see, Authenticity is all about figuring out how to maximize your successes dependence on your greatest talents and minimize your successes dependence on your non-talents. Remember how in the opening I talked about twice the performance with half the effort? Here's the other really cool thing about these two traits once you know what your real natural talents are and are not - that's what we call self awareness - and again, I don't mean a "fuzzy" level, I'm talking 89, 90 or more %, the ones that the best performes really have almost twice as much awareness, once you know all of that and then once you only do things that rely on those talents that you do have, and avoid doing things that rely on the non-talents you have that's called being Authentic. Here's the radical thing when you do that the results you get go way, way above what you normally would achieve because you're relying on the full scope of your natural mental abilities and it at the same time doesn't feel like that much effort. There's the key twice the performance, half the effort. So in the next three videos I'm going to teach you what the study found, give you the secrets to developing the ulitmate level of Self Awareness and show you how to become as Authentic as possible so you can start achieving twice the performance and half the effort. I look forward to seeing you in video no. 1 where we'll talk about the Genius Study.

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