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Jeannine English welcomes attendees to [email protected]+ - AARP

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[Jeannine English] Good morning to everyone. As a native Californian, I'm especially happy to welcome you to San Diego and to our first [email protected]+. This is just another step in our quest to make it possible for every 50+ American to achieve their best life. For those who have lived the American Dream like so many of us here, our later years will be full of real possibilities to reimagine and enjoy our lives in ways we never dreamed about. I'm talking about a future where for those who are healthy and financially secure there will be many possibilities to stay active through jobs, travel, volunteering, and hobbies, just to mention a few. But of course to fully take advantage of the possibilities before us, we need to be healthy, financially secure, and know what these possibilities are, where they are, and which ones are right for us. We've discovered that many of you who are in a position to benefit from new and emerging possibilities simply don't know where to begin. You've been asking AARP for help to answer the question, what's next for me? Let me tell you, we are fully committed to an all-out effort to help you find the right answers to your "what's next" questions. We've made personal fulfillment an important part of our mission, and more than that, we see it as a matter of great importance. It's about helping our largest, best educated, healthiest, longest-living generation make the most of their talent and experience to help create a better America for generations that follow. Along with personal fulfillment, both health security and financial resilience for all 50+ remain rock-solid pillars of our mission. We understand that it's not just about healthcare but about achieving good health. So that includes the policies, programs, information, expertise, and the quality products and services you need to enjoy a healthier life. And we also understand that financial resilience in your retirement years is not just about Social Security— though Social Security is critical. But it's also about planning, saving, and work opportunities necessary to allow you to cover your longer lifespans and withstand the inevitable financial bumps along the way. We remain strongly committed to achieving an America in which everyone has an opportunity to live his or her best life with dignity and purpose. For too many 50+ today, it's becoming a major struggle. Guaranteed benefit pensions are disappearing. Social Security now replaces a much, much smaller percentage of pre-retirement income than it did in the past. And Medicare doesn't cover anywhere near as much of our healthcare expenses as many believe. This is why we will insist that any proposed changes to Social Security and Medicare be evaluated very carefully not just for their future impact on budget deficits— which are important— but also with their impact on the basic well-being of the nation's 50+ population and the impact they will have on our children and grandchildren when they retire. AARP will con— [applause] Thank you. AARP will continue to be a tireless advocate for the 50+ population at all income levels.

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 26, 2014

On Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, Jeannine Enlgish, president of AARP, presented the opening remarks at the the [email protected]+ National Event & Expo in San Diego, urging members to take advantage of the real possibities ahead of them.

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