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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~17:20:16 - 17:36:53

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- Hey stop, the chopp is open there It's dangerous to light those things ... - No. .. but it's not like that too - No. .. but so what kid? - And how will I manage to get the word with putting it there ... - Calm down! - Are the cheap ones like this? - No, he has to see... - Huh? - I won the miner! - Up! No one sent you here! - It's hopeless ... - It's hopeless ... - Hey, how's it going uncle? - Ahhh it got cold! - Oil doesn't catch fire! - Hey, let's go down to the favela now? - Let's go down there soon - Get it here Jeferson! - Get off the phone for a little bit. - Come on this side for a little bit. - What's up Wellinton! - What's up bro! - What's up Rael? There's only hot water downstairs - It took a long time! - How do you know? - Get out of the pit. It's cool, right? - I will give a "wave" Rael ... Can you turn this off here? - Welinton I'm leaving the slum quickly, and I'll be back here soon... Feel free to stay here, ok? ... - Ah .. you're kind... I don't know where it is. - Huh? - I don't know where it is... - A smoke? - Yeah ... - Here... - My heart's hot bro! Hey, here's two right here. It's from "miaga" .this here, if not even give a good or okay. - Here... throw it out! - Ahhh - Ah, I thought there was a shirt bro, I was going to put the shirt downstairs. - Are you going to use that shirt there now, Wilson? Hey Wilson, Let's leave now? So, I'll take this shirt to wear down there. That's cool. I will not put it there and I'll be back in the slum - Will it take long? - No I have to come here to get dressed for the show. Cool - Hooo - Hi... - I'll pass in front of you guys ... hahaha - Without '"branch'' without'' branch'' ... - Hi - Hi ♪ [singing softly] ♪ ♪ [singing in English] ♪ ♪ Favela ♪ - Hey... I think its there bro Cool - Is it a game? It's not bro. I think it's a court. - Goal Corinthians! Damn! Nice! ♪ [singing] ♪ - Wow! I was about to go man ... - Haha "Peaceful", "Peaceful", "Peaceful" ... Did the "baratinho" already finish, the one that was going on in the court here? Duda's? Capoeira? - Um, I don't think so... - It's still going on? - Yeah, it doesn't end until later... - Hey... - His hair! - Can I come by... let me just see the hill there... - I want to see ... It's because I was going to come sooner, ya know? - What's up ... - Where's Duda? Where's Duda? Is he in capoeira? You took too long... - They already left? - No. I'm late, because I was tattooing someone, but... -There's no one in capoeira here? - It was supposed to start at 5:00 you know? - No, tell them to make a circle here now How? Hey, make a circle... Calm down, child, calm down, stay calm, stay calm We're already going to start a capoeira circle here... Send the guy to get the berimbau Go quickly, we're going out and there is a show in Tapcirica, man Hey Where's your father? What's up, man? Form a capoeira circle, guys! That guy is gonna get the berimbau and tambourine.. I'll introduce you to the crowd over here... Over here is Duda! The capoeira teacher... works for the people, for the guys over here... For the time being, in this space over here, which the community built together... and he enjoys the space and gives a capoeira class for the kids and you didn't paste it? Our meeting will be on Sunday, 4 hours here. Duda was there? He was, he was... He left already? What's up "cabaço"? Doing the following bro, this crowd here... No, after we will see this "fita" There's this "lance" that I talked to you about... Authorization? which is for... the staff... there mothers already know, right? because they are already here... It is after "nois desenvolve" let's look straight... Where's the berimbau? It was being looked for... Is it far away? Is it far away? Is it far away? In front of the hill... Rafael? Will Du be at his house? No... I think he left.. . - He left? Whatever it is, my name is Dinho... Make a circle here... Alright then, Get together here... Only because you came ... No, get together here while he brings the berimbau... let the kids stay here with me... I'll be back soon... What's up?! No, I was going to talk to him at Do's house, but it's all good I'm here already. Come back here. - Talk to the crowd here, I won't follow you You know if the Nei is here? What's up? Is Nei's son here? Woo! Hey, Hows it going? Where is Nei, Where's your father? - He's here, Here's here, Her'e here Where? - Here. Where man? this ladder here? - He entered... This oneon the left? - Yeah. Here? - Yeah. There.. He won't invade? haha I'm sure - Where? - He is here. What'sup Nei? I told you that I would come her as a surprise, but i came here sooner... Why didn't you come yesterday? It wasn't possible, yesterday... Cool. - Nei is my cousin, Bia, also my cousin. How's it going? Cool?! Are they invading the poor people's place? Woow! we are here, we're putting together a social project here... We had a game here... - The most is that we have made another response here For example, we changed all the hours, and put, like 5 hours , but still, it was not possible... My daughter just left now... Really?! And I'm working a lot! Why are you filiming now? It's a documentary, man there are 10 people, its about ten people around the world and I'm the one that represents Latin America... I'll be doing a show in Tapricirca Now I come here to give a save and am still running... Yeah? Yeah, I have, 7 hours, I have that is with the master. Don't repair...- the mess that... Don't take long...Hey Malcon? What's up...hahaha Now it was exciting Yeah...he likes to play for the "gurias" Going to get a bermibau there, I am doing a "15" here in the court. Yeah? So i was going to go down there to see it also, man Malcon said, here, i said let's go see this "barato", to see how it is. Kiko? No, Kiko is back at home, we are doing it. This since midnight of yesterday... He was here, he's back at home, now we're going to the show. And you guys were coming from above or below? No, I'm coming from above, I was at home now. Lot of energy here... Ahh, you don't like him... What you said is you're playing in.... I'm playing in Sintonia, man. What was the score of the Corinthians game? 4? 4-2 Corinthians? I am saying... Malcon was here ,when Corinthians started to lose, he left... He stayed watching the game with me, when Corinthians lost, he left When he found out the game was tied, he came back! - Haha - Corinthian fan here, hidden 5? What time? Seven. Ah, I'm working until 7, man. from 10am to 7pm, in Paulista I stayed there the whole week... Ok, then I am working from 10am to 7pm, bro It's "osso" In Paulista, it's apprehension everyday, everyday is a "tretinha" right? There's now way there right What a conversation Yeah like this, until we have a better understanding... sometimes, even the truck drivers have a better understanding of us, but... with GCN, and with other guys that go to the headquarters late, it's without chance. I already sent the make-up soon... ehh There's no conversation, and these guys are going to... But it is because of the cup, here, there is a lot of complaints Talicia is coming...he, because of the cold, he is coming flag because of the cup...shirt... this guy... every one for... I will stay in the court then.. - I'll be there in a little bit... ok, stay here, we'll be about 10 minutes Cool Bia, cool Malcon Alright.. Alright cool Cool, Cool I said... I said for you guys "barato" for the camera To whom did I speak? To Pedro? If he stays with barato, its not possible? It is is a shortage... Done. cool? Cool? Where is Duda? In the hill? Is he already coming here? Alright make this circle! Make the circle, Form a capoeira circle! Not on television no... He will pass the whole world! Huh? No he won't pass the whole world... You know how to capoeira man? Ok then sing, this song of mine here... How does the song go, let me see? Go, 1,2, 3, e... How does the chrous go? Hey, get together here, you there, man!

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Finishes up tattoo. Goes outside to see some kids.

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