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---- -- Marina O Marina Come here just sit hear me out Look, I know that since we all have found out that you are...... I, especially have behaved very badly with you Isn't it? But now, now things are very different if you like girls, so be it I have had a change of heart Ok? You can do as you please No issues at all By the way, all this is happening , thanks to Baldev. Last night, I had a dream and after the dream , I woke up feeling very scared, was having cold sweats and I was yelling like mad! Right then Right then, I decided that this relationship had to end I cannot give him what he wants I cannot be what he wants me to be No , I.. What? No, I cannot give him He wants me to grow my hair Lose 20 kg's of weight Now look, last night, we were doing it so first, he went- Sweety! Sweety! Sweety! This is so great! And always, after we're done, he runs his hands on my belly and last night he was doing the same and suddenly, he caught hold of my love handle! and he says that's way too much flesh! Is that even a thing to say? Isn't that an indication? What does he think of me? I'm a woman! Not a piece of chicken! Way too much flesh! huh? I didn't say a word to him! just smiled and went back to sleep This time, I had another dream And in this dream, I'm a top model! those... they walk on the ramp.... you must be knowing you like girls you must have seen them on Ftv! they wear those short clothes and walk around Oh! And in this one Baldev is the -what do you call that? he's the Talent Manager in this dream not my husband in this one He looks at me and says "Baby, you have too much potential you will go a long way, really long way" You know what's the next scene?? I'm lying on a table and docs have inserted all kinds of tubes inside me and taken out all my "flesh" And I can hear Baldev saying Chop off the upper body Make her waist 10% Cut her thigh muscle into half And just remove her face & throw it off After some time, I go & see myself in the mirror What do I see? There are two legs 1 backside and these two big things in the front That's it! The face is missing! Baldev admiringly tells me "Wow! you look like a bomb!" And Me?? I'm yelling really loudly!! Where's my face? my face? my face? but there's no face I was yelling so loudly that Baldev woke up from his sleep and was staring at me I couldn't help it so, I asked him Do you find me beautiful? And he says "color your hair like Lady Gaga's and then you will look hot" I'm sure you already know why men are called dogs, right? nothing to hide from you you know Marina? I had always thought that I would just suffocate and die I have always suppressed myself but now? not anymore! now I feel like, I just have to open the door and come out in open Enough! i have had enough of this! and can I tell you something? from now on I Oh let the men go to hell! from now on.... not from now on... I don't know since when Marina I'm in love with you since donkey's years!

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Posted by: muskaan on May 10, 2017


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