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Innovation series Immersive Productivity-vo

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What causes people to go “wow” when they look at something? That experience in a movie theater or that experience being immersed in an 80 inch television is really that. What you really want to do is have as much screen as you can in the smallest possible form factor. And why is that important? Well there is actually studies been done that shows that screen size and productivity go hand in hand. So the more real estate you have in your screen, the more productive you are. When innovations in technology start to allow you to interact in a natural way, that’s what we’re trying to go do. When we look at customers doing their work, they sometimes use keywords and mice, sometimes use touchpads. But a touch screen is a nice enhancement to be able to do certain types of work. The rugged line is really interesting in that it has to survive the most intense environments: water, dust, high temperatures, cold temperatures. You know that whatever you’re going to put it through, it’s going to come out the other end. Technology gets out of the way, so you’re immersed in what you’re working on. What we wanted to do with the canvas was to have that operation that’s much more natural. With this you can rotate the image. You can zoom in. You can get a lot more detail. We’re not meant to just sit here and type and look at a surface. We’re meant to interact with what we’re creating. So having products that are designed with the user in mind across every touchpoint really makes Dell different. And our customers see it and know it.

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Country: Andorra
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Posted by: ralph_jung on Jan 20, 2018

Innovation series Immersive Productivity

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