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Octopuses and squids are the answer!

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I really hate how languages are taught in this country. No wonder so many people hate languages or think that they can't learn them When at the age where they could most easily learn a second language... ...they were spoon fed parrot expression which have no use in real life at all! Things like asking how old someone is or... ...telling them how many pets they have, or... ...listing the items in their pencil case. When do you say that when talking to a Frenchman in real life?! When do you say that when talking to an Englishman in real life?! People need to learn how to construct the language themselves... that they can say what they want to about the world. Grammar *does* need to be taught... Although it should never be mention by named. People generally believe that they don't understand grammar in their own language... ...especially children, when actually... ...they just use it without realising. But they don't believe that they can *do* grammar. So when it's announced that they're gonna learn GRAMMAR in another language... They instantly switch off because it sounds too difficult... ...and frankly too boring to bother with! And then things get even worse when gramatical terminology gets thrown around the place! You don't NEED it... explain how a language works! Because it's actually not that complicated. It's made complicated by all the grammar books and text books and by the teachers... But it's actually really simple because we do it... ...ALL THE TIME. Like now. Just... we do it slightly differently. But before even teaching grammar... ...just let kids absorb the language. Let them learn the way they learnt their own language. That's why I wrote Pulpo y Calamar. A comic written entirely in Spanish about an octopus and a squid. Which I invented... an experiment to see if I could teach Spanish without using a single word of English. Unfortunately, due to overambitious biweekly installments... ...and the sudden introduction of university in my life... ...and the fact it takes a *long* time to draw between four and twelve panels of octopuses and squids... ...I'm not currently producing new comics... But that doesn't mean that it's the end of Pulpo y Calamar. Because there are still 77 comics on on that website for your enjoyment. Editor's note: there's actually only 67... But maybe now I'll go do 10 more just because I said 77. And you can read them even if you don't speak a word of Spanish because...'s all just pictures! And because it's all just pictures the Spanish is obvious! So just you know... it's fine! But they will be back. I promise that they will be back. In one form of another my beloved Pulpo y Calamar shall return... teach Spanish without a word of English passing their mollusc equivalent of lips. And without a single mention of... the G word.

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Posted by: theprofessor on Apr 29, 2011

What I really hate and why octopuses and squids are the answer.

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