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Hello everyone. Welcome to the SLOODLE newsroom. My name is Paul Preibisch in the real world and Fire Centaur in Second Life. Today I’m going to show you the first step in configuring SLOODLE tools in Second Life. This involves creating a SLOODLE Controller activity on your Moodle website rezzing a SLOODLE Set and then configuring the SLOODLE set to connect with the SLOODLE Controller activity. Let’s get started. Here is the SLOODLE 101 test site. Add a SLOODLE Controller to a class. Click on the SLOODLE Sandbox class. You have to be logged in as an administrator or a course creator. Now, in the top right I’m going to Turn Editing On. Now we can add an activity. Go to the “Add an Activity” drop-down box Select “SLOODLE Controller” under SLOODLE modules. Add a new SLOODLE module. “Module type: SLOODLE Controller” Type “SLOODLE Sandbox Controller” and a description. Scroll down the bottom and press “Save and return to the course.” Great! We now have a SLOODLE Controller and we can now connect our SLOODLE set to it in Second Life. We just set up our SLOODLE Controller on our Moodle website. We need to rez the SLOODLE Set in Second Life and connect it to the Controller. There are two places that you can get the SLOODLE Set: you can either teleport to Sloodle Island and get it from the marketplace, or you can actually go on SL Exchange and search for it there and have it sent to you. Go to the SLOODLE marketplace and get it there. So let’s go! Press control F on a PC or command F on a Mac to get the Second Life search window. Click the “Places” tab and search for “SLOODLE” Find Sloodle Island and press “teleport.” You arrive in the SLOODLE welcome area Find the directory that shows the Island map. Click on the option that says, “SLOODLE free-market, drop in for your free SLOODLE tools.” You arrive in the SLOODLE marketplace. Look through the marketplace and find the SLOODLE set. You don’t want version 0.21. 0.3... We want the 0.4 version. Click on the vending machine and select the SLOODLE Set from the menu. The SLOODLE set is delivered to me. Press “Keep.” Look in your inventory in “Recent Items” under “Objects” there is the SLOODLE Set. Let’s go back to the newsroom. Look in my inventory and drag the SLOODLE Set onto the ground. The SLOODLE Set needs to be set to the correct group of the land. Sometimes land is set to only allow group members to run scripts. Here the groups are correct. Touch the podium. It says in local chat, “Please check the address of your MOODLE site without the /” Type in your Moodle site address. The SLOODLE set is connecting to my webpage. Click “Go to page” on the menu. A webpage loads, “SLOODLE Object Authorization / Object Details / Object name: SLOODLE set” Scroll down, “SLOODLE Object Authorization / Select Controller” Select the ”Sandbox Controller” that we created earlier. Set “Do you want to authorize this object” to “yes” Press the “submit” button. In green it says “Object authorization has been successful.” Close this window In Second Life, you will need to download that configuration. Click on the podium again, the menu comes up. “0=access web configuration page” would take us to the page we were just at. Click on “1=download configuration” These SLOODLE set will now contact my new website and download what we just authorized. Its ready! Now we can rez items by clicking on this large item that looks like a refrigerator. The SLOODLE set is now configured. Rezzing the SLOODLE tools Click on the big box part to see a menu and scroll to see the different tools that can be rezzed. Click on the “Next page” button. Let’s rez the WebIntercom by pressing number 14. An object appears behind the set. This is the WebIntercom. Move the item to a convenient place. Because the item has been rezzed by the SLOODLE Set, we can easily configure it just by clicking on it. The blue menu sends us to the same configuration webpage. The object configuration page says, “This object has already been authorized. If you want to re-authorize it, then please delete the authorization entry from your SLOODLE controller.” I’m ignoring this warning because I already configured a WebIntercom before with this class. Select the chat room to connect the WebIntercom to and press “Submit.” The site shows some details. Press “Continue.” Back in Second Life Click on the WebIntercom and select “Download configuration” to make it ready. You will need to do this with each tool that you now rez from the SLOODLE Set. The routine is the same: rez is the object, click on it, go to the webpage, authorize it and download the configuration. It will take a few times to remember the process, but it should be easy with practice. Goodbye This machinima was produced by Paul Preibisch – (Fire Centaur) for the SLOODLE Project

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Duration: 10 minutes and 58 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Sloodle
Director: Fire Centaur
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Posted by: eleonoraporta on Jul 23, 2009

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