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Mike Rowe - Don't Follow Your Passion?? & The Precious Little Snowflake?

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Posted by: johnmarty on Apr 13, 2018

We’re told all the time to follow our passion, but should we really? Mike Rowe from the hit TV show Dirty Jobs says that following your passion is a bad idea. In this video I’ll reveal research from Harvard that back’s up Mike Rowe’s claims, and I’ll discuss the two origins of passion as well as provide a slightly different way of looking at following passion.

The phrase follow your passion has been woven into so many college commencement speaches and although it's inspiring, Mike Rowe points out that it could be a trap. Some young adults hone in one one passion and then try to find the perfect job to match that passion out of the gate without having an open mind. They set these huge expectations about how their career should be and become dissapointed when they start to struggle. If you do this and you set these types of expectations, the minute you struggle or face adversity your gonna think to yourself this can’t possibly be my passion because I should love what im passionate about...... and this is a big trap as Mike Rowe points out.


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