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Those Questions for Intelligent Christians

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Brian Kim Those Questions for Intelligent Christians Hey, recently I watched a video by zkueker 88 he was responding to the video, Ten Questions that every intelligent Christian must answer, by the people at "god is" That was one of the first videos that was challenging religion that I watched on Youtube back before I even joined the site. The video is by no means perfect, however, zkueker 88 dismissed asking quotes over simplistic dumb questions. My sense is that the video actually hits on some tough issues of the questions. Issues they prefer not to deal with, and with all due respectives that zkuker 88 it seems to me that many of his answers for the questions ain't steering around those top issues, rather than confronting them. At the links to both zkuker 88's video and god is's video, to the right of screen. Before getting to the substance, I wanna mention something. Qiute often in this video, zkueker 88 offers rhetorical questions as responses to the questions on god is Using the rhetorical questions in these ways, is not uncommon, however, it's also not effective as I frequently remind my arguementation students. Rhetorical questions are not arguements, nor are they responses to questions. In fact, more often than not, a person rejoding to the use of the rhetorical questions, does serve because he or she does not have an arguement or an answer to offer. So here's a bit of free advice on how to enhance the effectiveness of one's presentations. and advocate should offer arguments and clarity of the staement and avoid asking rhetorical questions. In the interest of time, I'm not going to hit all ten questions, I'll stick with the most interesting ones. First question, why won't god heal amputees? zkueke 88 responded in part, "Why should God heal amputees?" See my earlier comment on rhetorical questions he goes on, "where in the Bible doses it say God should heal amputees? if you find it, then you got me. This question is assuming that God is obligated to do what you think he should do." This question and answer touch on one of the most interesting and dexing issues for believers. Namely, the problem of unanswered prayer. About a year ago, I did video on this topic linked to the right on the screen for those interested, "Why should God heal amputees?" Because the gospels are filled with Jesus' making amazing, unqualified promises with respect to prayer. For example, Mathew 21:22, "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive." John 16:23, "Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for ANYTHING, he will give it to you in my name." Mark 11:24, "Therfore I say to you, ALL THINGS for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted you." Matthew 7:7-8- "Ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be open to you For EVERYONE including amputees who asks receives, and those who seek, find , and to the one who knocks it shall be opened." The promise's out right, unqualified. One doesn't have, one asked are in faith in Jesus' name. and one receives. To say otherwise, it's to say that Jesus didn't mean what he said. So why should God heal amputees? Because Jesus sad, "all things you ask in prayer, believeing, you shall receive." and "if you ask the Father for ANYTHING, he'll give it to you in my name." That is, unless Jesus didn't mean it, or There is NO GOD. Another God is question is "Why are there so many starving people in our world?" zkueker 88 responded, "Who deserves not to suffer? why is God obligated to answer our prayers according to our expectations?" Again, Jesus said, "All things you ask in prayer, believeing, you shall receive." and if you ask Father for ANYTHING, he'll give it to you in my name. Did Jesus NOT mean any of these? zkueker 88 also pined "God doesn't create evil or suffering; he permits it." Isaiah 45:7 God speaking,"I make peace, and create evil." Another of the god is question is; "Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the Bible?" zkueker 88 responded in part, "God is keeping human race pure enough for the coming of Christ who would later offer himself as the sacrifice for our sins." God is keeping human races pure enough for the coming for the Christ? This is an even good Christian theology much lesser persuasive to the answer to the question Romans 5:8 "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." That's not pure enough talk. in any case God had kept the species pure enough, then, he could have kept it pure enough, not to need human sacrifice for sins. Another of the god is questions; "Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery in the Bible?" zkueker responded in part, "Israelrites .. offered themselves voluntarily as slaves." No, not really. In fact, the Hebrew scriptures have God forbiding the hebrews from holding one another as slaves Leviticus 25:39-41 "If one of your countrymen becomes poor among you and sells himself to you, do not make him work as a slave. Do not make him work as a slave. He is to be treated as hired worker or a temporary resident among you; he is to work for you until the year of Jubilee. then he is to be released." By contrast for slaves, Leviticus has God sending the Hebrews off to other nations. Leviticus 25:44 "... you may acquire male and female slaves from the pagan nations that are around you." and unlike the Hebrews hired workers who worked temporarily the slaves God tells to hebrews to acquire may be held quote "as permanent slaves." God also tells the Hebrews, "you may even bequeath them as the permanent slaves, that is to your sons after you, to receive as property..." So zkueker 88 inaccurately described the slavery God proposes in the Bible. god is questions stands an answer; "Why is God such a huge proponet of slavery in the Bible?' Another question, "Why didn't Jesus' miracle leave behind any evidence?' zkueker 88 responded in part, "No evidence? what about prophecy?" what about prophecy indeed! Have a look at my Jesus was wrong series for the link to it to the right of screen. SPOILER Alert hope prophecy thing doesn't work out too well for Jesus. Another question, "Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?" zkueker 88 responded in part, Jesus has spoken parables and he went on to pine that bread and wine are mere symbols. Of course, Jesus never says that, No. Huge what the new testament Jesus saying, "Unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in yourselves. For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. The Greek word translated true on that passage is ALETHOS, which means "truly; in reality" I think about mere symbols here for the question remains; "Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?" Interestingly, in his response to that question, zkueker 88 said; "Jesus can only be in one place at one time like any other human being." Now Jesus didn't seem to know anything about these restriction. Matthew's gospel has him say; "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst." John's gospel has Jesus say; "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him and we will come to him and make our abode with him." See the god is folks know the Bible, they've asked tough questions based on their knowledge. I'd like to see zkueker 88 or any other believer take another crab. This time actually answering the questions. Thanks. Transcribed and Translated By Brian Kim

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This video looks at some of the responses offered by one believer, and it challenges him and other believers to confront the tough issues raised by several of these questions.

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