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Silverback AAFMAA Case Study

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[Kevin Kincaid, CMO, AAFMAA] We are the longest standing not-for-profit financial solutions company in the country exclusively serving the military. We have 90,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. Success to AAFMAA is growing their member base, specifically when we're trying to reach these military service people and their families. [Andrew Nelson, VP Client Partnerships, Silverback Strategies] AdWords in the AdWords platform is a great place to start. We've had a great relationship with Google, and we work very closely with them through the Google Partners program to understand what are the newest changes in people's platforms, how can we be using that specifically for our clients? Organic sessions were up 4.8%. One of the best things about Silverback is their ability to communicate with non-technical people. Every one of us feels smarter. So as you guys know we've been talking about getting the call tracking set up on your website. They did an audit of our website, and it was very illuminating at the time that we were in desperate need of some help. And within about four months of working with Silverback, we doubled our organic web traffic. You're good between the byways on both 95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Get on the right track with affordable term life insurance and a $4000 personal loan at 1.5%. #discoveraafmaa. Kevin, his team, and WTOP approached us with the question of how does our radio perform? And I was like, sure we'll give it a test and if you can prove to me that radio benefits us, we'll go ahead and do it. - Or visit - We've now been doing this for two years, and consistently every month we have more web sessions when we have radio on than when we don't. Silverback was able to improve that as a viable tactic that we were using. And so we actually doubled down on radio. There was a pretty strong correlation this time specifically with mobile. A digital strategy allows us to have our customers find us. We were able to be more targeted with their marketing, more scalable with their marketing, and have some data to help them make better decisions ultimately and most importantly growing their membership base. At the end of the day, they are the partner that we needed to really make that transition from mostly traditional into mostly digital. Transitioning from traditional marketing to having a digital strategy would not have happened without Silverback. [Silverback STRATEGIES]

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