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CrystalWave Plus Training

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Hey, Y'all, it's me, Cheryl. And I am with MaryAnn Kohler, one of our amazing product managers here at Tupperware. So say, "Hey," MaryAnn. Hey, everybody. And you know what, y'all? Today we're going to talk about our brand new CrystalWave Plus! OK, so MaryAnn tell us what is CrystalWave Plus? CrystalWave Plus is a stain shielding technology that we have added to the inside of our CrystalWave containers and the inside of our Freeze-It containers. OK, so that technology is done when, MaryAnn? During production. During the production. So that technology, it works because why? Because all plastic containers are porous. You can't see the pores. They're very microscopic. But when you have a stain, food gets into the pores of the container. So what the stain shield does is it helps to close those pores to help make the container more resistant to staining. So you know what, guys? You know, you've always heard that ring around the collar and that ring around the Tupperware. OK, with this new stain guarding, it actually helps to reduce that, OK, or stop it altogether. Now, is that stain guard on all of the Tupperware, MaryAnn, all of the Crystalwave pieces? Just the inside of the containers. OK, so it's not on any of our seals? Right. OK, guys, so that is that Stain Guard Plus, and that is now applied to all of our CrystalWave pieces starting with your new Fall catalog, right? - Right. OK, so now guys, we're going to talk a little bit about the features and benefits of the CrystalWave and the difference between CrystalWave and some of our other microwave pieces, OK? And this is great information that you can use at your Tupperware parties, OK, guys? So let's start with some of the features and the benefits of the CrystalWave, OK? So, for example, did y'all know that every single piece of microwave Tupperware they have feet on the bottom? Did you know that? You knew that. - I knew that. - Did y'all know that? So let's just show them. OK, guys so, like, let's look at your Vent 'N Serve, OK? So if y'all can see, they have four little feet on the bottom, OK? On your Stack Cooker, guys, all the pieces look just like this on the bottom, OK? So these are considered feet. If you look at your Microwave Pressure Cooker, its feet are almost like a circle all the way around the bottom. MaryAnn show them the bottom of one of the CrystalWave pieces. OK, so see all these little feet all the way around, guys? So the reason Tupperware has that is because it allows your piece of Tupperware, whether it's one of these or your CrystalWave, to actually sit up off the floor of the microwave, OK? And it allows the even reheating, right MaryAnn? - Right. - Now, why is that important? - So that the microwaves evenly go around the container and heat your food more evenly. OK, so if you guys are doing anything, like with a glass, so for example, let me show y'all. OK, so I have a glass dish, right? No feet, so if you put this in the microwave to cook or to reheat, what's gonna happen, MaryAnn? You'd have to take it out and stir it. You'd have to stir it because everything on the outside is hot and the inside is still cold. So what you have to do is stir it to get the outside in and the inside out, OK? So with Tupperware, we've actually added the feet. so that allows, as MaryAnn said, even distribution so even heating. So love that, OK? Now, MaryAnn there's something else about our microwave pieces that's unique to Tupperware and that's our handles. You want to tell them about it? Right, our handles stay cool to the touch. So when you take this out of the microwave, make sure that you grip it by the handle so you don't burn yourself. if you grip it by the container, you run the risk of getting a burn. Right, they're gonna be hot, right, but your hand will stay cool. And then we also have all of our CrystalWave and all of our Vent 'N Serve, right, and our pressure cooker. They all have a valve or a tab on them. Why is that, MaryAnn? This helps to have the steam escape from the container so that your seal doesn't pop off in the microwave. That would be no fun, y'all. OK, so how does this work? This is very simple. You just pop the top. OK, so just push down on the tab. OK, now the Vent 'N Serve actually has a valve, right MaryAnn? - Right. - OK, so when it's up like this, y'all, it's actually closed, correct? - Correct. OK, so to make this microwave safe so the seal doesn't pop off, what do you do? You just pull on this little tab and lift it up. And it looks like that, OK? - Right. OK, guys, so the great thing about our microwave pieces, guys, is that you can actually put the seal in the microwave so you don't have that mess inside your microwave after you're reheating or cooking. Now, something else, guys, you're CrystalWave should be used in the microwave on what power percentage, MaryAnn? On medium, 50-70% power. OK, but these containers over here, the Vent 'N Serve, Stack Cooker, Microwave Pressure Cooker, right? the Smart Multi-Cooker, you can use that in the microwave on what power? On high, on 100% power. OK, now something with the Vent 'N Serve that's interesting now is if I have the seal on my Vent 'N Serve, what should I be using the power in the microwave? That should be on reheating 50-70% power. But if I took the seal off, I could put this in the microwave on what power? At 100% power. _ 100% power, guys. So, and here's kind of a good rule of thumb. If you're gonna use 100% power on your microwave, guys, you want to do that when you're actually cooking. So if you're going from a raw state to a cooked state. But if you're just reheating, which is really what our CrystalWave has been designed for, right MaryAnne? - Right. Then you'll want to use 50% to 70% power because high in your microwave, y'all, is just like a 500 degree oven. So, MaryAnn, I have to ask you a question. Would you ever reheat in your oven on 500 degrees? I would not. - Never, right, guys? So don't reheat in your microwave on high, OK? So these pieces right here MaryAnn, they are microwave safe, correct? - Correct. - OK, and they're also... - Refrigerator. - Refrigerator safe. OK, so these make the best... - On the go. On the go and, you guys, we don't have leftovers in Tupperware. What do we have, MaryAnn? - We have planovers. - OK, so if you're making something like in your pressure cooker, right, on a Sunday, and you plan on having it maybe again on Tuesday or Wednesday, you can put the contents into your CrystalWave, right, and then put them in the refrigerator. Another great thing about the CrystalWave, guys, and MaryAnn and I were talking about this the other day, if you have a busy family, right, and they're on the go, so you've got somebody at a baseball practice or maybe your husband or partner comes home late, you can go ahead and cook your meal, put it inside here, put this in the refrigerator, right? And then when they come home an hour, two or three hours after dinner, what do they have to do? Pop the tab and pop it in the microwave to reheat. To reheat, and voilĂ , dinner's done so ditch the drive thrus, right? So you're CrystalWave, guys, is gonna save you money. It's gonna save you time, I promise you that. And my next question to you, MaryAnn, is all of these products dishwasher safe? - Yes. - They're all dishwasher safe. Now, we do recommend that you put the seals where in the dishwasher? On the top rack. - On the top rack, guys. Now if you are at your Tupperware parties and you get a call from a customer, that sometimes when they're brand new the seals can be a little tight, can't they? - Right. - They can be, guys. So here's another recommendation. At your parties, tell your customers that if the seals are a little tight to get on to take all of their seals on their new Tupperware, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher, run it through the dishwasher cycle, and as soon as it's done, take it out , dry it off, and apply the seal right away and then just let that seal sit on that piece of Tupperware till the next morning. And then what happens is the seal stretches just enough that it's gonna go back on that container perfectly. So, yay! That is amazing. So, MaryAnn our CrystalWave Plus is also, does it cover a lifetime warranty? Yes, it is covered under the lifetime warranty. OK, now, if I have CrystalWave that I've had that I've been using for the last 10 years, and it does have the ring around the Tupperware bowl, it's got a stain, is it covered under our warranty? Staining is not covered under the lifetime warranty. Chipping, cracking, breaking and peeling are covered under the warranty. - OK. So guys if you're at your Tupperware parties and somebody asks you if they can now turn in their old CrystalWave, you're not going to be able to replace it under our warranty. They can purchase new if they want, but that CrystalWave that they have, it still has the great functionality that it did when they bought it from you or somebody else two or three years ago, OK? So, MaryAnn, I think, have we covered everything on the CrystalWave Plus that you wanted to talk about today? I think one thing that we should mention as well is that when you take this out of the microwave, make sure that you open it away from you so that the steam doesn't burn your face when you take the seal off. - When you're peeling the seal. OK, unless, guys, like I say at my parties, if you want an instant facial, OK, you can do it the other way. Don't do that. So you'll notice, too, the tab on the back, it's nice and big isn't it? So it makes it really easy, so let's just do this together and show them. OK, guys, and I recommend that you put it down. So are you ready? One, two, three, here's how you peel the seal off of a CrystalWave. Just like this. So you notice how you're peeling the seal away from you. OK, so good point. Thank you for bringing that up, MaryAnn. So love our CrystalWave, guys. And you know what, y'all? Whether the CrystalWave is part of a Host Gift Special, whether the CrystalWave is part of our Say Yes offer, CrystalWave is a must have, right, in everybody's kitchen because you're gonna fall in love with it because it is the best product to have for reheating. Say, yes? - Yes. Say, Si? - Si. Say, Oui. - Oui. So as Stein Ove always says, remember guys, think big. Start small, but begin now. See y'all.

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CrystalWave Plus Training

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