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Huyền Lê - My Khanh, Vietnam (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~05:00:00 - 05:29:59

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The vehicle lock is for the boat door. The lock is used for the bike, but Mr. Hieu uses it to lock the boat door. It's morning Huyền. I'm so sleepy and dead tired.

Where is brother Hiếu? Where is brother Huy? Where is the boat going? It turns out to be two to three boats brother Huy. How many boats turned out last night? I think that boat Sóc Trăng's boat. Hey Nhiễu! What? Open up this bottom door down here for me. I just lowered the back part yesterday. It's been three days and we can't even get it. She always plays tricks when scheduling turns. Give her a call and see how much money she wants to let us dredge. Must have received lots of bribes... It could have been our turn right now if we were waiting right here. I told you, there are 3 boats left. Which boats are we behind?

How many? Number 17? 47? How many splits are there for Nep's boat? We may not be able to dredge sand today. Or let's just sail over there, wait right behind Đếm’s dredge boat. Yeah, if we don't follow behind closely how can we get it. Now what? Go to the front and see what that boat number is, Nhieu. Go!

After that boat's done, it's our turn. Yeah but just go check what the number is. Can't see anything. Can you see it? Too far - how can I see it? Tell brother Hiếu to go out and follow right behind brother Me's boat. If we go right now we will get yelled at for sure. If we stay right over here we have to just accept it. We should have gone out last night when there were only 2 boats.

Told you to go out last night but you complained that the sand was dirty. Now we can't get it.

Who picked up the phone earlier when you called? What? Hieu, or maybe call him and ask if he would say 'yes', if we offer some 'coffee money'. This is not cool. If you don't get in line right now, we might have to wait til tomorrow or the next day and still won't dredge anything. Go out there and get in line. If you don't we won't get the sand. I told you already, why are you so stubborn? Let me borrow the phone so I can make a phone call. What? Going to call brother Sáng Cạp. Let's lift the anchor and go out there now. Go right now. Look, the boat from Sóc Trăng just removed their anchor and they are going now. If we don't go right now, the other boats will get all the spots left. Go remove the anchor Nhiễu. If we don't get it right now, we still need to get in line. Go. So what now? Nhiễu, can you come up here and clean this area? I'll go down there to get water to wash dishes. I'm afraid I might drop the device on my back. What are you still waiting for right now? Look, it's coming in. We can remove the anchor now. Why don't you come up here and turn on the engine? Pull the rope line until its fully out, then wrap it around once. Pull it to the outside, so you it's easy for you to pull it.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Andorra
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 1, 2016

Lê Huyền wakes up as the sun rises on her family's sand barge anchored on the Mekong River. Her hired helper frees the anchor, and Huyền begins the day collecting water from the river and washing the boat deck.

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