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What's the Future for the Isha Home School Children? Sadhguru

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whats the future for your home school children? there may formal better the educated than most of the children in other schools. because the way they are exploring in any subject is very very------ if the school goes like this one week it's just one subject,full ok there is a baseline every day one hour mathematics one hour english mathematics and english is kept as base line for one weak if they go into something if they take up leaf this leaf will go on floating for one week each child will pursuit in his own way full seven days there is no holiday so there's no need for a holiday for joy isnt it so next week then they're going total english and mathematics so this one week the level of persue the level of interest in the child how they go about it you must see I've seen children sitting up , you know young kids like seven eight years old sitting up at eleven o'clock and they want to read in the library because their think has been stimulated ,they want it to know wanting to know is such a deep thing in human being if you inspire that if you stimulate that little kids seven year old eight year old kids if they want to know that they go to bed they cant sleep they want to know that now they go to the library and to open the library whatever the time day and night there is no timing this that there are schedule our idea is a minimum six to seven hours they must spend in a very focused way there is everyday everybody has go through a minimum off two types of music one is vocal and one is one of the instruments they have to learn they have to go through either dance or martial arts so there's lots of activity a child becomes capable not because he just get some marks he must use his head in every possible way so certain days of the school, the teachers is just withdrawn and the children run the school completely they manage the school,if guest comes they are taken care of them everything the office,the telephone everything children themselves manage school on certain days this is a deep sense of responsibility for the child that he's running the school. you know it's very very a different way of and i mean without that belonging without that inspiration that's what lacking in education. its is all information right now education has become all pure information information doesnt make a human being and as technology advances information becomes more and more meaningless because all the mathematics you want to know in future it will happen if you buy a chip and put it here you will know all the dam mathematics that you need to know yes you don't have to will become like that. we're heading in that direction so as technology develops this learning you know ----- method of learning and passing examinations these things won't mean anything how capable how efficiently can you use your brain that is our new capabilities because information will be just available everywhere you don't have to learn it, store it in your head those days will go away within the next fifteen twenty years this technology is so rapidly advancing in the direction

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what the future is for the home school children. Sadhguru explains the dynamics within the Isha home school that assist the children to succeed. (AO65)

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