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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 3 of 6

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-But how do we...? How do we educate people? That's a terrible word cause it sounds like... ...the people that we are talking about are ignorant. People aren't ignorant... -They don't know. -...but to get them out of this way of thinking from living in their boxes and coming home... ...and watching EastEnders to... to outwardly thinking and living as a different kind of society. Is it a case of going to schools, you know, starting up new education programmes? I now you're saying you wanna make a motion picture to make this happen, but how do you make... make people is not the right word... -How do you change them? How do you get them interested enough? I think a lot of people out there do want some kind of change. It's like they're breaking out... they're itching for something new to happen, because they're not happy in their jobs... their work... going to work and becoming drones... and I think their brains are expanding all the time so they need some kind of change... ...but I think they don't quite know how to go about it. How do people who are in the forefront, like yourselves, start that program off? If you don't get a motion picture, how else do you get it going? -How do you wake them up? -We really have no power... ...and we have no funding. We have been producing everything that we did... ...the books, the videos, the models, the drawings... ...all ourselves, through our own funding. So it's really not up to us, we're trying to introduce this direction, it depends on what other people do to get the word out about this. That's why we feel a motion picture is very important, cause it reaches the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. So that's what we'd like to do first, to introduce this. But then you've got to get people to go to the cinema. -Television, the media... -Or the Internet is very good too. -That's a good point. -By any means possible... ...through gaming, through Internet, through books, through videos, through cartoons, any way possible to get these new ideas across. Just like they get new religion across. You know, through gatherings and books, in the same way, but this is not a religion. -Well, it's all so mad... today things seem to be speeding up and... see new laws and rules and regulations coming into the world all the time. You can't do this, you can't drive past 20 miles an hour, you know, you've got cameras on you everywhere you go. So it's like, I think I've said this to Peter Joseph: There's a group of people who are pushing to be free and... a life a natural way. And then we've got the leaders, who are in power, -who are stopping our movements... -They own the media too. -So it's a very, very difficult situation, if there's people like yourselves, the Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movements all over the world... ...but then things are being curtailed all the time, your freedom of rights and speeches being taken away so...'s a real push-pull situation. -That's why we say - unfortunately, we don't like this- it will take a crash. Because people aren't educated emotionally or intelectually to look at new ideas. They're holding on, they'll hold on 'till the very end, until there's nothing left for them. And then, they'll start looking around. -Now, I'd really like to ask you the question about... Do you think in the past, like thousand of years ago, that we've had societies... ...not quite the same as the Venus Project... ...but where they've lived in structures where it has worked together in harmony... ...harmonious situations. And if we have... ...what happened to... where did... it go like... we had the architects of the past like... ...the pyramid builders. Why didn't we progress on from that? -Because on the South Sea Islands there was... ...a load of bananas and fish and coconuts... ...and a small population. As a population keep multiplying... ...the amount of resources are less. So the chief used to get the young people together to say "find yourself another island". Well, fine they do, and everything is great... ...but then when all the islands are finally occupied, they keep reproducing people. Now if you produce people in excess... ...of what the land can support, you're gonna have trouble. War, invasion of an island that has more materials, so they think war is natural. Men have always got 'em, or they always go to war. There'll always be wars and rumours of war, that's in the bible. So, I'm saying this, because primitive people... ...get along because the population corresponds with the environment. But if it exceeds that you're gonna have trouble. So people need to know that the population must be in full accord... ...with the carrying capacity of the Earth, d'you know what that means? -So that means if we outgrow it, we start to destroy ourselves. -Yes. And it has nothing to do with reason and logic. People are not reasonable nor logical. -But people did live in peace and harmony. You know, the Mayans, and as I say, Egypt to a point. And [?], places like that. They built these fantastic structures. -So why didn't they continue? -Because their values, the culture and values and resources kept changing. Things never remain constant. So the free-enterprise system thinks it's the greatest system in the world. If they were educated they would say "this is the best system we know up to now". "If anyone has any ideas let's hold a conference on it." They don't do that, 'cause the people in power are comfortable. And if you bring something new in they say "what does it mean to me?" So the UN is not there to make a peaceful world. They're to watch out, what does that mean to Egypt, to Taiwan... ...if you do this or that, what effect it'll have on us?". So all the nations are there to protect one another, and one another from invasion of another country. So they really distrust each other. Like if I would go to China, they'd say "what are you doing here?" "As an American, what do you care about the chinese?" Every time one country went to another, they took their resources, exploited them.... ... that's why they're hesitant about anybody else coming in. So, if we make a movie showing the gain that all nations would have if they didn't build the military... The military consumes most of the money, wars and everything. -It does, it certainly does. And so if you make a movie showing what can happen if we don't have a military, it's cheaper in World War II to go to Germany and say "what are your problems?" "Well we need more resources, more electric power..." Give it to 'em! But we build warships and...'ve got 400 ships in the bottom of the sea filled with brass and all the soldiers had died. And the hatred you've built in Germany for Americans. And that's what's happening now. We're bombing the hell out of cities and I asked them "why are they doing that?" People come to me all the time and say "why is North Korea building all these rockets..." "...and China built all these soldiers and rockets?" The reason they're building it's 'cause the newspaper in England, called "The Telegraph", ran a headline saying: "US intends to strategically strike 7 countries" And then names 'em, China, North Korea... what do you expect them to do? They're building nuclear weapons 'cause they expect us to attack them. Or attempt to. So we... why did these people fly the two airplanes into the Trade Centers? We must have done some pretty terrible things in the past to make them that angry. We never hear the other side. -Well there's a lot of question marks over that one... ...Jacques isn't there, about... -I don't believe in a conspiracy. -I know you don't, but then what about all the other planes and... ... well there wasn't even planes in the Pentagon so... ... there's a lot of questions which are not answered over that one so... -... so there's no straight... -Well I think that the government is stupid, but not that stupid. Well I don't think they're stupid at all, actually. -I think they're very clever! -We can't discuss that 'cause I don't have enough information, I should say. I've read all the arguments pro and against. So far, I'm unable to accept that as a government active strategy, but I think it helped this government to move in on other countries. That's the big excuse. But I don't think it was a conspiracy. I think that they attacked the buildings as they don't like Americans. They don't like what we've done, what the British have done... They said "the sun never sets on England"... how did it get so big? They took the land by force and violence. Americans stole the land from the Indians. Killed the buffalos, slaughtered thousands of Indians. -We're not without our sins, in England. -And then Spain, they took it from Mexico and the US... ...So I'm saying that all nations are corrupt. None of them is anyone I'd look up to. I would say that the methods of science, not scientists, the methods of science, are closest to the honest way of looking at the world. So let's try using that in arranging population to education, in proportion to the carrying capacity of where people live. If you don't do that, for whatever reasons, it's not gonna work. Well, like I said before Jaques, I think people do wanna live in peace and harmony but there are always gonna be those in power, well I hope they're not always gonna be in power, who always want to keep wars going, it's good for family business. And we know who they are. -During the first depression... How do we change that? The first depression the banks failed and this one was bailed out by public funds. They took the money and gave it to the banks and the banks didn't use that money to help people buy homes, they used it to pay off a lot of bankers. So, since you've got that system you have to go through all the hell that is projected by those conditions.

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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 3 of 6

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