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Observation – Identifying human factors with field research On this chapter we will talk about the human factor. One of the most important things in design is to place yourself on an empathetic point of view. One of the great transformations is when you acquire this view and begin to care about the human factor and human beings as a whole. When you start thinking using the design perspective you realize you can redefine the world and your perspective. That's why you start seeing new possibilities. The human being go detached form the human factor because he ceased to see the possibilities. Those possibilities are important in order for you to see the solutions. If we are not seeing the solutions it means we are far away from our human side and the big problems around the world. For example, when you are walking on the street and face a big problem like a poor child or a homeless person. At this point, a lot of people get detached from the problem because you can't see a solution for that scenario. And that's way the humans start losing their humanity and losing their capacity to create solutions. That is why it's important to think in new desirable future scenarios and draw a better world, draw empathetic solution which can solve more complex problems. That's why we must think about the human factor which is our side that brings the empathy feelings that enable us to understand one another needs and to understand the physical social and psychological factors that create the whole context. When we talk about the human factor we must have a multifactor view. So we start doing the field research on the streets based on four perspectives physical, psychological social and cultural. On the physical perspective we observe how the person behaves and how she relates with objects and with the surrounding environment. When we talk about the psychological factor we try to understand why the person interact like that. What she is thinking what are her feelings and why she is acting that way. With the social factor we try to understand how she behaves considering the society what is her relation with others and how others can influence her behavior. And culturally we try to observe the culture the context. Where do they live, it is a big city, or a small city at Brazil or another Country. Starting with this factor which we name the H factor being the Human Factor. We can have more empathy towards other people and deeply understand the necessities and the challenges that we will face on the next steps. Next Chapter - The importance of a depth research

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