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UKIP Nigel Farage - Motivational speech

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...that the founding aims of this party remain. That we are here because we don't trust our politicians. We are here because we want to get our country back. And we are gonna win this argument. And we'll win it now, in my opinion, not by just telling everybody what's wrong with the European Union, we'll win by getting younger people involved. We'll win by pointing out the positive alternatives. We've heard a snap throughout this morning. And what's happening to Guernsey And this is happening in fact throughout the whole of the English-speaking world. Our relations with these people are being damaged. The thought that the world's fifth largest economy is actually forbidden, from negotiating its own trade deal with India is ludicrous. So we want to get back the ability to manage our own trade policy. We want the United Kingdom to be part of the 21st century global economy, don't we? Nut just a little European Dependence. We were asking why's no one voting in general elections anymore. Well, that's because millions of people know it doesn't make any difference and the whole point about regaining independence is you make voting matter again, don't you? You engage people. Who you vote for as your next government will fundamentally affect your lives. And in tune with that, we'll campaign for powers to be decentralised from Westminster down to the county councils, down to the district councils. Let's make voting matter in local elections too. And above all. The one way that we really can beat this terrible political class is to make sure that we give people in this country the opportunity, through direct democracy, that if they feel strongly on a particular issue, they are able at local level, as this wonderful county here did just a few weeks ago, right through to national level, to call referendums, so that the voice of the people can be heard, so that we cannot ever again be dragooned in something as apalling as the European Union, by a political class who look the same, who sound the same, who care nothing for principle, who care little for country, who couldn't give a damn about constituence, and who are in politics as a professional career. They're in it and their goal is self-perpetuation. Its about them getting re-elected. Thats all that matters to them. And that isn't what motivates us, is it? What motivates us is that we do unashamed, patriotically believe in our own nation. We believe that we the people... We believe that we the people should be the masters of our own destiny. That we should be able to elect our own governments. That more important than that we should be able to get rid of governments. And to replace them with somebody else! We believe, we believe in UKIP in what we are doing. And through good times and the bad times, my determination has never once faltered. I believe in this party, I believe in this cause more strongly than I've ever done before. This party may be the only chance we've got of regaining our independence and that is why we must stand together and fight for it. Please come and help us For more information visit

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A motivating and inspiring speech from Nigel Farage at the UKIP Conference 2007.A Positive Alternative to membership of the European Union

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