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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 7)

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What do you think a soldier is? They show them pictures of Japanese sneaking around, killing people, gang raping girls and enlistment goes up 75%. All people, all people need clean air, clean water, a good education and love, and warmth. So, they're not bad people. They tell you the Filipinos are bad, the god damn Greeks are no good. You know, all away down the line. And so, that's how a country keeps it's people patriotic by pointing out the short comings of other people. But they're all nuts, they all live in the past, they all don't understand anything. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that we need a different kind of world. So, I will open this season to questions and please, don't be polite. If there's anything you don't understand say: "I don't get it." And if I...if you ask me a question, if I don't answer say: "You didn't answer my question." Thank you. - Is it possible to abolish or to...for not human need to work. To do something... - Well, when I was a kid, there used to be a man called the iceman. He used to bring ice. He's gone, the refrigerator put him out. When I was a boy, little boy, women used to operate elevators, they turned the little crank, they never quite got to the floor. Today, you press 20. It takes you there. No people in the elevators. If you go to any modern airport today, there's no people in the train. No operator, no conductors. It stops exactly... the doors open and the train... without people. So, industry, the automobile industry used to have thousands of people working there. If you've seen films on it, machine pick up the car, put the wheels on. The people been moved out, I don't know if that answers your question. Eventually, all markets will have a set of cashiers, automatic registration, for food and pricing, and if you didn't drop the money in the slot your food won't come to you. - It's like... - So, people are being replaced by machines. Can you replace architecture and engineers? It takes about an hour and an half to make a laptop that can do the work of an engineer. Engineers will be out in 15 years now, so if you're going to school to study engineering, move into robotics. It'll help you. So, lawyers will be out 'cause you can make... don't forget, a lawyer has a library, and when he's not sure of something, he looks up how case was handled. It's very easy to put that in a laptop. What do you do in this case? A laptop will tell you. Today with a laptop, maybe it's 300 bucks for a laptop, but you're in touch with the world, you can find out anything. You can ask about the memory medal. We can do the same thing with law, with business management, all this people think they have steady jobs. There's no such thing as steady jobs. Even a guy called a dermatologist that studies skin disease, when he goes to medical school, they show him pictures of Psoriasis, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox, and he's got to remember them. When he looks at your hand and sees a new pattern, he goes like this. That means he's not sure. "Doctor Jones, can you come in here and look at this." That guy has been around the world. "Oh, that's a form of Jamaican malaria." It's very easy to do that technically. Photograph every skin disease, hold it up in front of a scanner, it'll scan it and give you the latest treatment by the best brains at the world. Not a single doctor. Do you understand? It's very easy to repeat and replicate any profession. So, in time, people will not work. They go to work, they think: "Well, that's the way you earn a living." No, it's not. It's the only way we use, today. But in the future, work will be considered beneath man, because man has a brain. When you put a girl behind a counter in a department store for fifty years. "What can I do for you? We have tansy lipstick, hair lotion." You know what you've got up here when you retire? Hair lotion, tangerine... All this crap. That's not using her brain. When you work in a jewelry store, you stand there all day, hoping people to come in and buy something. That's not using your brain. So all that will be automatically dispense. It's very easy to do. Work is beneath people. It serves no useful purpose, except the guy, he's a surgeon, you brake your arm, he can rebuild it. But even that, eventually. I wanna tell you something else before your next question. They say you can't be in two places at the same time. I think you've heard that. Frank Sinatra died years ago and he sings... he's thousand of places at the same time. So all your little old calendar bullshit is worthless. When a man says: "I'll never get to the moon." He talks to his head. He just say: "I don't know nothing about it, when man will get to the moon. I know nothing about rockets, nothing about space trip travel. I don't know." - Yes. - Let's take another person and if we have time after that, we'll come back to you 'cause a lot other people wanna ask. We'll try to get come back to you. - First of all, good afternoon Mr. Jacque Fresco and... I'd like to ask you something that has been on my mind ever since I saw the movie. - How is the power managed in Zeitgeist Society? I mean, how does the establishment, that will organize society, work? Who is running things? - Who makes the decisions? Is that your question? - Yes. Because you say that there are needs for politicians, but there's always a need for some sort of leaders who will manage... Even the scientists and the architecture... the architects and those people... who will manage the resources? - I understand your answer. I really understand that. Please tell me if I don't, ok? I said: "No one makes the decisions in The Venus Project." Here's how it works. We take samples of the soil for, say we dealing with America, all over America, we send the soil to Central Agriculture, that's a research center. There, they analyze the soil and by the contents of that soil they tell us it's best to grow beats for four years, then, rotate to sugar cain. That's not an opinion, that's a finding. You know the difference? - Yes. So, today they bring you up and say: "Everybody should have a right to their own opinion." We say: "No one will have a right to their own opinion." They'll have access to information. If you ask people those questions, you don't get answers. - First of all, there has to be enough people to agree that they wanna move in this direction. It's a specific agenda. And then, what we have to do is take a survey of the Earth's resources. We have to learn what we have, first. We have to learn where the population is. We have to learn where the technical personal and the factories are, initially. We have to know where the diseases, the disease people are. That, in turn, dictates where the cities are built, where arable land is. Where hospitals have to be built and what types of hospital. So, it's nobody making decisions over people. Decisions are arrived at by the needs of the society and the direction that we wanna move towards. And, for instance, you wouldn't go to a baker when you wanna build a bridge, you go to the people who were gathered multidiscipline areas to put up the bridge. They have to scan the area, see how much bedrock, see what the land is like, she what the species like, see what the land under the water is like. And that dictates the type of bridge that's built depending on the resources and the materials we have, but not the money, not people making decisions has they do today. - But still, making the point, making the right decision, how do you face the fact that there's, at least, well in my little mind conception, that there is a certain sense for leadership, for who will be managing all the resources, will there be separate groups of people. Who will be... - You want the answers? Ok, hang on. What we do first, if you do a survey of what... of a certain state, how much arable land there is, you know what that means? How much water there is, that tells you how big a population can live here. Not you. I can't go to a stand where build a city of fifteen thousand people. First, your survey see if there's water, arable land, road material. So, no one makes decisions. They arrive at them by doing a study of the situation.

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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 7)

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