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Motivated by hatred...Let me laugh(Prison's memories)/Motivé par la haine...Laissez-moi rire (souvenirs de prison)

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS Motivated by hatred? Following my last video, an opponent wrote: ''Vincent, if people come to such extremes against revisionist people like you, perhaps it's maybe because they feel hurt by your theses? Perhaps, it would be good also to ask yourself how to continue your research while hurting the least amount of people? I know that I am naive, but hey, I can't define you. Are you in a sincere fight for what you think is the historical truth or are you motivated only by hatred of the Jews?'' Initially, sir, I will answer by quoting Plato who said: ''It is not allowed to flare up against the truth.'' I totally agree with this teaching. This is why in my intellectual world, there is no offensive theses. They are only true or false theses. Truths, falsehoods, this is the only criterion to be taken into account. If, a false thesis is recognized then it must be rejected. If, instead it is recognized truthful then it is not permissible to take against it. By declaring it offensive, blasphemous or whatnot. This thesis must be accepted, period. Once you start talking about intolerable theses, offensive, blasphemous Oh! I feel a person of bad faith that refuses to question. Hence, the legitimacy of a fair debate, face to face, argument against argument, in a climate of total free speech, to determine who's right and who's wrong. The people in front, my opponents, refuse this debate arguing that we would be individuals devoid of historical methods, patented liars, perverts animated by bad feelings. Sorry, but this is precisely a fair debate that will demonstrate if it's appropriate. This is not prior to this debate that we can say it. And above all, it is not one of the concerned party who can say it. Therefore, let's organize this fair debate, personnally I demand for it and I am ready. We will see if we are liars, we will see if we are people devoid of historical methods, we will see if we are perverts who are animated by bad sentiments. I add, that in themselves the revisionist theses are not offensive. On the contrary. In this ocean of evil that was the Second World War, they bring good news, the Germans did not want to systematically exterminate the Jews. That they have regarded them as a hostile people, yes. That, during the war they have deported them in terrible circumstances, yes again. That they have herded them into camps with crematoria, yes again. That many died in this general disaster, we all deplore it. Still, there were no mass extermination. Certainly, this doesn't diminish the suffering and it doesn't bring the dead back. But you will admit that far from offending, on the contrary this is comforting. If some Jews feel offended by the historical theses, I can't help it. But to claim that I would act out of hatred of the Jews, this is ludicrous. A Gypsy also replied to you: ''I am Gypsy and I am not offended by Vincent's theses. I even wish he could speak freely, without suffering financial ruin, assaults, prison and even death. I am personally not informed enough in this period to have a definite opinion, But I think the truth is never either white or black, but always gray. Moreover, I ask nothing better that one proves to me that my ancestors suffered less than I think. That absolute desire of suffering always seemed suspect to be honest. One doesn't sacrifice its entire life by ''hatred of the Jews'' or any other hatred. But because one truly believe that he holds the truth. That is just the idea that he detain the truth that drives a man to give so much of himself into his fight. Hate is a feeling far too low, too dry to accept such sacrifices.'' It's obvious, hatred breeds violence, not the sacrifice made in nonviolence. Voluntary sacrifice is rooted in the love of mankind. And when we love, one feels the duty to propagate the truths useful to humanity. Therefore, only the one who is firmly convinced of possessing a truth can sacrifice his life for his fight. Love of others, is a feeling that I experience dear sir. See this Gypsy who took my defense by answering you. The National Socialist that I am is going to be embarrassed? No. I see instead a wink of Providence, a kind of appreciation from the heaven. Let me explain. When I was in Valencian, I became the writer of the Gypsy who were there. In the promenade in the yard they brought me letters from their wives and dictated me answer. I could then sit in very funny and touching scenes. A young Gypsy, for example, who was starting the letter by: ''Sweetie'' and who was interrupted by an older Gypsy shouting: ''Oh! You the young have no romanticism, we do not begin a letter by: ''Sweetie'' it's banal, but with: ''My little rose forever blooming.'' The young mocking and the old Gypsy lamented. And me the good gadzo, as they used to call me, I was there, saying: ''Well then, what do I write finally?'' At the end, I have to say it, the Gypsy were trusting me so much that they gave me their wives' letters saying: ''Well, answer as usual hey.'' So I was answering alone in my cell, put a stamp on it and dropped it in the prison's box. During those months spend together, these Gypsy told me lots of stories, their schemes to steal, to cheat people and the police, anecdotes of burglaries In a village, for example, they told me: ''We always observe the baker to see when he will bring his money to the bank, like that we rob him the day before. It is more juicy.'' They also told me: "Oh! People always hide their money and jewerly in the bedroom. Therefore, this is where we go first. If you knew the amount of sexual objects found under the beds or in the dresser. They told me many other things that I will not repeat publicly. While I was releasable, an old Gypsy, Paco, came to me saying: ''Go to such, he has the key to my house, take it and go live in my house until my release. I completely trust you to properly maintain my house. Just to say that they really trusted me. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it because when I left, as I was put on probation and forced to go every week to sign on to the police station located in the district where my mother lives. And yes, dear sir, in the prison of Valencian, it was the neo-Nazi who helped the Gypsies, But the Muslims as well and others. When someone came to ask me for help: a stamp, some bread, coffee or sugar, I considered neither his race, nor religion, nor the reasons for his presence in prison. I did not have to judge, I helped. Period. Revisionist and National Socialist, me? Yes. But without hatred against no one. By simple love of truth. A truth against which it is not allowed to flare up. Good evening. You like our videos? Please help us to continue. 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An opponent asks me: ''Are you in a sincere fight for what you think is the historical truth or are you motivated by a hatred of the Jews?" I reply by invoking Plato the comment of a Gypsy and my memories of prison with the Gypsies.

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