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NetApp Customer Fitness

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Our global infrastructure and IT is housed in three primary data centers in the US that services all our major business applications. We have four regional data centers that provide regional access for users around the world. About twelve to fifteen thousand end users have access to our applications around the world. From a storage perspective we have about 250 storage controllers from NetApp and about forty petabytes of storage space. About two years ago we really made a concerted effort to upscale our storage operations and storage administration. And we were looking for great ways to get ahead of any incidents and outages that were occurring. Being in a reactive mode keeps us in a cycle we are always in a firefighting mode working on the P1's. It's problematic to be reactive because the outage has already occurred the impact has already been experienced by the application and the business and by the end users. My AutoSupport is very helpful in identifying issues because it provides us a framework and a methodology to address issues and be proactive in what we are trying to do from our storage ecosystem. Coming out of it and being proactive we were able to resolve the issue before it becomes a P1 incident. We've seen a ninety percent reduction in P1 incidents in the last year. We have also noticed that upwards of twenty-five percent of our storage engineers time used to be spent on dealing with reactive operations issues. We've been able to now repurpose that time into other more value-add activities. In the past our charter and NetApp IT was to do product adoption for NetApp products and our CIO was very supportive of that charter but she also has a very important business to run. Now the conversation with the CIO talks about the future, how we can do product adoption what new technologies have come and what new services we can provide to her critical applications. Turn on AutoSupport messaging from all your storage controllers and then take advantage of My AutoSupport and the Customer Fitness Program and the predictive analytics it provides you. The best part of the Custom Fitness Program is all these tools are absolutely free. You just need to enable your AutoSupport and download the tools. Use the information in My AutoSupport to drive proactive maintenance in your storage environment. Working proactive maintenance will reduce your outages, raise your uptime and change the conversation you have with your customers, with your partners and with your IT staff. We've seen the results at NetApp IT and you can see the results also.

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Posted by: netapptrans on Apr 14, 2015


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