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Orly Ravid 4 - on politicians rhetorics

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How do the candidates for prime ministership look when they appear on TV? Here is Orly Wassertzug-Ravid, a media consultant and body language expert, The College of Management. Good Morning. -Good morning. -Hi there. It seems that politicians arrive at their interviews, if they have decided to talk, with pre-prepared notes, and the relation between the answer and question can be coincidental. How true is this in your opinion? Very true. I call it the "paper slip" method. They come with all kinds of ideas, quotations, all kinds of things they want to say, but actually politicians arrive unprepared. with a lack of basic knowledge on how to appear. Let's see a clip from the conversation yesterday of Tzipi Livni with Nissim Mish'al in our studio. Give us one prominent accomplishment of you. Something that has left a mark, you know, say... You fought for something till the end. I haven't found any. you know…You haven't really searched. During the course of… -Guide me! -Gladly. During the years since I have entered politics and I'm a minister in Israel governments since 2001 Each important topic to Israel, each Israeli interest was embraced by the world following my activity. Give us one prominent accomplishment that will be truly recorded. -Let me carry on. -Please. What's wrong with that? He gives her a stage, he says: "Tell us what your accomplishments are ". Instead of saying, "Thank you. My accomplishments are 1, 2, 3, 4..." in a concise, focused, and matter-of-fact way, She gives a very cumbersome, heavy message, she doesn't reach the main point and he stops her again and again. -But that's because it's him. But once the question is phrased in such a way: "I haven't found any accomplishment of yours, maybe you can teach me", Is it possible that the problem begins here? They are on some sort of defensive all the time and here is where their words start to be confusing? Look, he is a very difficult interviewer, he's not an easy interviewer, It's hard to 'take control' on him, I call it 'to take control’ and I claim you don't need to take control. He is managing things here. "There is a question here, answer it". He is doing you… I mean, for Tzipi Livni, he does her a great service. He says, "Look, you are not familiar to the public, you are a little pale, "tell us yourself, be your own advocate". This is where one should reply: "these are my accomplishments" and she has accomplishments, as the minister of Absorption, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, she was awarded "Knight of Quality Government", She is a lawyer with an impressive record, Why isn't it manifested? Can candidates really speak of their own accord, Or they have a media consultant who dictates what to say, and it leads to cumbersome messages cause they don't exactly match the questions? or they don't think independently? Absolutely. Look, you arrive prepared, no doubt. A media consultant and a set of people tell you what to say, but not how to say it. For example, Netanyahu is a wonderful interviewee. He listens to the entire question, replies it, briefly, and then he puts in his agenda. That's how you should answer: Listening, and onward. There are rules in a TV studio, and you need to follow these rules. If you haven’t followed the rules, you simply come out badly. You come out badly in the media. -Where can one study it? Witzo College? -No. Get a coach, absolutely. I am person who trains people how to appear in the media, and this is exactly what I work on. you're given a stage and were asked a question? answer it in a short, matter-of-fact clear message. But in the interview yesterday there were some great segments. -Yes? -Yes. -Like? For example? -For example, Tzipi Livni does manage to finally take control and stop him. and then she gives a quotation of Einstein, I think we have it. Maybe we can show it in the studio. Have we got it? No, it's not ready yet. -OK. In short, she manages to stop him... -Something with the manual device is stuck. and then she puts in a quotation of Einstein… -Tell us what it is, I'm curious. The quotation goes, "a person that makes a mistake once won't make the same mistake again". and she says that the voter is clever and won't make a mistake for the second time. But she misses something very big, in my opinion, because she managed to finally stop him, with very harsh phrases he directed towards her, "you are pale", "you don't have accomplishments", "what exactly have you done?" etc. This is the time to bring your motto! What are you promoting? doing? What's important to you? Let's hear it. Here it is. And now I want to switch to some report. We'll continue, we still have time. Talking about other people's experience, there is a definition by Einstein who says, what is insanity, When a person repeats the same action again and again hoping the results will be different… An interviewer like Nissim Mish'al, who obviously dislikes politicians, is it worth it for politicians to go to him, in principle? I mean, for which politician is it worthwhile coming to this studio, and which should concede and go to "softer" shows, like morning shows, for example? We have invited... So, first of all, don't concede. Participating in a broadcast is an important thing. Any exposure is good, both positive and negative, If you are criticized, ok, it's painful, unpleasant and so forth, but at least you've been in the media, you've been publicized. Positive or negative publicity is the same. I'm not sure that's the policy if you're already a leader and you don't want to jeopardize... Really, look for Netanyahu in the media, I can't find him. and that's a correct thing…

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Orly Ravid talks about politicians errors in interviews

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