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The Real America

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In Europe where I had an operation and had to go to the hospital and I was very satisfied with the quality of care and also the professionalism of the medical staff. At the last count, 39 countries have from birth to death insurance. How come the United States don't? - The wealthiest country. I was contrasting it with some experiences I had here where I went to the hosipital and because I had no insurance and did not have a primary physician I was basically warehoused or put in a corner for three days without any type of treatment I was covered when I was working. Right now I'm going to school at Pasadena City College, and so I don't have health care coverage I don't understand why health care coverage has to be tied to your specific employment situation like a good friend of mine just hit her five year window for cancer and had to drop her COBRA because it was so expensive Now she is living without any coverage Denied retroactively ...after having a bout of illness Paid for the illness - BOOM! Denied retroactively and have an impossible opportunity to ever get private health insurance again another friend of ours who - she has health care, but they denied her treatment and so she's paying out of pocket $100,000 she's having fund raisers and people are helping as much as they can but that's a lot of debt. We have so many millions of people in America uninsured and under-insured and it's a disgrace being the richest country in the world we have people that are going bankrupt because they can't pay their medical bills some people not getting medical attention because they don't have the money to do so. So I think we should treat health care as a human right, not as a luxury I don't have medical insurance cause I can't afford the amount that my company charges for it. There's almost 50 million people in this country that don't have health insurance and there are another 20 million more that are under-insured. Three of my four children don't have medical insurance one because she just got laid off one because he just graduated from college and one because his company doesn't provide it. If you're in school, if you're working, if you happen to be unemployed, all these people in America need health care Thousands and thousands of people who work every day cleaning up hotels, motels, doing gardening work, and only making enough, just to survive, pay their rent from day to day and cannot put aside any money if they have a major injury so therefore if the person has an accident they must spend a whole week's a whole month's salary People who can't make ends meet and they have to choose between let's say food and medicine If you don't care for these people they're going to show up on your doorstep no matter what. It doesn't have to be that way. I'm actually a physician. There are people dieing in America the, so called, richest country on earth, for no damned good reason except for the profit of private health insurance companies They don't have any medical knowledge, and they're just going by statistics. This is not spin, I mean this is a fact Obama says he wants to cut costs, that's a laudable goal, but before you cut costs you have to know where the costs are, and one of the biggest cost drivers is private health insurance They can charge anything they want There's no restriction what-so-ever. They can jack up rates on demand - on whim right in the middle of your contract They're charging us so terribly much money for our health. These companies are making billions right now and I just think that's not right with how many people are losing their houses. and this is unconscionable because people die because of it This is not just some crazy left-wing political cause, this is something that affects everybody's life. We have the power to make this happen and the bullshit that's going on in Washington, on both sides of the isle these people are out of touch. They have their own health care. They don't care. Go ahead and get breast cancer and see what happens Go ahead and get prostate cancer and see what happens Watch waht happens in America - in America, the richest country on earth. Once you get sick, and everyone gets sick, you're often jettisoned by the health care industry because you're too costly. If you've got insurance and that happens to you - ha ha don't count on it - OK? They'll find a million reasons to drop you or to double or triple your rates because of it As an industry, to make money and profit on health, is frightening. You get better health care in a public plan than an insurance company plan where 30% of the health dollar is taken for profit of the health insurance. I think the people that are really maikng the money are the insurance companies, the CEOs. They like to feel as though they're giving us the best care that there is and it's not so, because they take too much out for profit. The Republicans have been blocking it for six decades 60 years It really amazes me when you have people, especially politicians, talk about the European socialist model of health care... ...and everything they say about reform is complete crap. ..and I think if you have a system where one society is providing health care and another economic system where the society is not providing health care so if they don't have the money they just go ahead and die which one you think is more humane? I want to see a universal health care plan that we can all afford. It's a right and not a privilege and I think everyone deserves it. and i think I will cost less in the long run for everybody to be insured than just some people. Everyone has a right to it. Access to quality health care for all Americans with less money than we're spending now on health care Just like the police department. We don't have an insurance policy for the police department. Police come when ever you call them. Fire department - they come when ever your house is on fire. These are social goods. and if we all are in it, and we get the costs down we're more able to get a plan that would work for everybody. Health care is a right. It's not a privilege. Affordable health care. Quality heath coverage. Once Americans have health care that they can believe in and trust, a universal system, a single payer system, which is the most efficient system, the it allows industry and small business to not have to worry about all of the issues related to health care. It's good for business. It's good for the economy. It's good for everything, if people are healthier It's a no-brainer. It's a win-win situation. ...and eventually people will realize, un un, this is wonderful, this is what works.

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Posted by: jonraymond on Jul 16, 2009

Health care protesters in Pasadena speak candidly about why a single payer system is needed.

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