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"Unforgiven III". Who'd have thunk... ..."Unforgiven" would spawn the story, we'd make it to the third? That's really one of the only songs that has continued on in Metallica albums. Somewhat of a storyline of... ...basically about sin and consequence, forgiveness and unforgiveness. Asking for forgivenenss, not being able to forgive yourself... There's all kind of things that tie in, and metaphors along with that. This time tied in around a ship lost at sea kind of vibe. So it's got a real lonely feel to it, really love that. You know, adrift at sea, really very lost. But also still sticking with some of the themes from when how "The Unforgiven" was written, riff-wise and in the chorus and things like that. It was funny, we put up... The song titles were revealed somehow... ...before we could reveal them. And "Unforgiven III", people were, "How cheesy, oh, it must be the instrumental". Lots of talk. You get the chatroom... It's like throwing two dogs in a room and just "go!". You shut the door and they fight and fight and fight and then finally when they actually hear the song there's just no fighting. It just like, "Oh, yeah, yeah..." It's kind of funny, but it creates a vibe, it creates tension. It creates some angst about the stuff coming out. But this song is unbelievable. It moves me everytime I hear it. I started off with the intro, writing a little intro piece, Hopefully really sad, not unlike Ennio Morricone, that kind of feel. And then had Rick Rubin phone in an arranger and an orchestra came in and played on the song. I think it adds a huge dimension to it. Adds a powerful bit of class to the song. It's a got a great flow and like James says it's very dynamic. So, it's a great body of music to have on this album, kind of connected to everything else that's going on.

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 9, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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