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Prof. Rathmann: Situation der TV Untertitel mit Deutschland, England und USA vergleichen

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In the following countries there are subtitles on television: In Germany, in England and in America. If one compares these countries with one another, England is far ahead of the other countries. England currently offers 100% closed captioning on television. America offers just under 100% closed captioning, only in Germany it is still a dream. I can hardly even understand why in Germany it is said it is an unbelievable dream to get 100% subtitles. It is so much work and technically difficult to implement. Okay! But I ask myself, why it is something regular in America and England. It is a given there. I would also wish this given for Germany. Not only expected for listeners, but it must also become a given for the deaf. Although until now we still do not have enough subtitles, then we must fight for them. Finally we have a demand for them. It must be a given, because it is a human right. A human right so far in that everyone has a right to information. Only with information equality is a participation in society given. Only if we get subtitles we can, for example, participate in political elections. Without subtitles we do not even know who the people are that we should choose. Of course we want to go to the election, but without information we can not go there. However, I am obliged to go to the elections, Then we also need 100% subtitles. I would like to see if the deaf community would finally pound the table with their fists and demand for this to become a given. If it still does not happen, we must eventually enforce our rights, or the like. Or demonstrate again. The demo in Köln is a super example. Thank you very much again to Sign-Dialog for their activities. There it became a given that we were a group. Again, kudos. That was very good!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 2 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Germany
Language: German
Producer: Sign Dialog
Director: Sign Dialog
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Posted by: sign-dialog on May 6, 2009

Die Situation zur Untertitel im Fernsehen in Deutschland im Vergleich zu der USA und Großbritation sind immer noch sehr schwach. Daher bringt er seine Erfahrung bei.

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