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Infusionsoft Follow up Sequences

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Hey there. It's Elliott from thanks for checking out the video when we first heard about Infusionsoft a couple years ago, what really blew us away were those automated follow up sequences because the potential for using them to drive sales is really only limited by the users imagination. But, at the same time we recognize that many business owners, many Infusionsoft users out there are so busy concentrating on their business that they don't really have time to day dream about follow up sequences. So, one of the things we do here at is work with entrepreneurs to create those follow up sequences that are right for their business. We figure out the main objectives of the sequence, the kind of the kind of content, or offer for each contact, what kind of media to use throughout the campaign, and of course the timing of the sequence. Then, we go ahead and execute that for you. So, the follow up sequence runs automatically as your prospects and clients are entered into the sequence and make their way through the different steps over time. Now, if you have already thought through some of the follow up sequences and know what you want to do, you just need someone to execute that for you in Infusionsoft, we offer that service as well. The main goal of this service is to create high-quality marketing follow up sequences that convert more leads, get repeat sales and grow your business so that entrepreneurs can be confident that their marketing is on auto-pilot maintaining constant contact with prospects and customers. The same point as Infusionsoft. Now, I should mention that we also provide two other services that are closely related to the follow up sequences and those are creating marketing copy as well as evaluating how Infusionsoft fits into your overall marketing. I urge you to check out those videos as well. Thanks for watching the video.

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Posted by: bigel13 on Apr 9, 2009

Explanation of how helps Infusionsoft users create follow up sequences for their marketing efforts.

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