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TWO WIVES- Kaye Attacks Erich

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Hello Janine. Long time no see Annulment celebration. Does this mean you’ve already agreed? Me? Agreed? Are you insane? Oh by the way I forgot to tell you, you should have prepared funeral flowers because from now on your illusion’s going to die for having my husband as your husband! It’s going to die? Maybe it’s you who is insane! It’s hard to argue with someone who has a slow brain. No one will leave. Maybe you want me to break this bottle of vinegar on your face! What?! Are you scared?! You think you’re the only one who is good frightening. Have you watched the video on youtube?! I can do the same thing on you! I’m gonna drag you out in the street wearing nothing!!! Go!Do it!That’s where you’re good at! Making scandals. The last time I checked that is a doing of a of a person who knows nothing! Don’t you dare underestimate me!! Because even though I’m not rich, I was raised as a good person. You? What kind of parents raised you? Is that it ? Ha? I still have this I am gonna slap this to the both of you! I will fight you and victor a case of concubinage! Yvonne…… What did you say? How are you victor? Look at this. Did you like the set up? Your girl is so good, you know? Excellent, very beautiful. Did you like it? Did you like it?! can you please just stop? Just move on because he doesn’t love you anymore, I am now the one he love!!! It is none of your business!vwhat’s important to me right now is that both of you will suffer for everything you’ve done to me! Yvonne, just stop. Even if you’ll exhaust your time and effort on filling a case on us, nothing will happen. It’s never going back, Yvonne. I don’t love you anymore. It’s already Janine. Yes! You’re right. It’s never going to happen again Victor. I am like this right now because of you betraying me. All I really want to happen right now is that you’ll both pay for ruining my family! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s useless if we won’t use it right? What do you wanna drink? I’m gonna let you choose okay? Your useless relationship that you both called love or the beginning of your new lives after this day. What? You choose c’mon you choose! Aren’t you gonna choose? You! You choose! What? You’re gonna hurt me ha? You wanna hurt me? Go ahead! Beat me! How many times do you have to tell me that I’m a bad person. What more do you wanna call me, ha? Mistress, desperate, slut, husband-stealer, a snake, a bitch?! Why? Did those words you said will change the fact that I am now the one victor loves and not you! So this is what I’m going to say to you and you better listen. DON’T BE BITTER! You really wanna get hurt huh?! WHAT! I’M GONNA FIGHT YOU! Guys, stop! Yvonne just stop, please….. That is not enough for betraying me. And for stepping on my dignity! And it’s not enough for my son! Is this the kind of relationship that you want? Huh? Okay! You both have fun! If you like, you can both stay here for a night! Tomorrow’s the checkout. You continue the party and you’ll be the one to pay it. Have fun, because tomorrow, you’ll be the one to cry!

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Posted by: enyllej on Dec 13, 2015

TWO WIVES- Kaye Attacks Erich

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