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Dark Shadows (2012)

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(Collins narrating) My name is Barnabas Collins. Two centuries ago, I made Collinwood my home... (Collins) My love. (Collins narrating) ...until a jealous witch cursed me, condemning me to the shadows... (Collins) What have you done? (Collins narrating) ...for all time. What the hell is this? (woman's voice) He's coming. He's coming. Hear me, future dweller. What is the year? 1972. 1972? Ahh. My beloved Collinwood. Collins family. Who the hell is this? I am a vampire, madam. Yah. (girl) He's going to stay with us forever, isn't he. (boy) I like him. ♪ Superfly ♪ (woman) Welcome home, Barnabas Collins. How soon can the horses be ready? We don't have horses. We have a Chevy. ♪ I'm on the top of the world,♪ (Collins) What sorcery is this? Reveal yourself, tiny songstress! Hello, Barnabas. Remember me? Witch! You cursed me to be this hideous creature. You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior, and kiss it repeatedly. What if I made you love me? With what? A spell? With this! I must admit, they have not aged a day. ♪ Get it on, bang a gong ♪ ♪ Get it on ♪ Is she for real? Indeed. ♪ [organ note] If I can't have you, I'll destroy you. And your family. Missed me. ♪ My first ♪ ♪ My last ♪ ♪ My everything ♪ I shall restore the family business to it's former glory. Burn, baby burn! Fight on, Barnabas, fight on for us. And fight I shall. Love me! Never! ♪ Your the first, your the last ♪ ♪ My everything ♪ [slurping] That was an incredible turn of events. Are you stoned or something? They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work. [Captions by]

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