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Video blog перед четверть финалом.Из бассейна 

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Zeus:Hello everyone, Zeus here Zeus:ceh9 is the cameraman today Zeus:Wanted to talk to you about quarterfinals against Renegades that are coming up in 2-3 hours ZeusThey confidently passed groups, won against CLG, gave a little fight to EnVy, they have good Cache Zeus:We will ban Cache of course, but we have no idea about the veto process, ESWC can be random at times Zeus:We are going to be watching demos after swimming in pool Zeus:The hotel is okay, not as good as Hyatt in 2010, ceh9 and others remember, it was super cool Zeus:Glad everyone is still with us Zeus:The opponent is quite strong, we will try not to fuck up too much, they took a map off Fnatic and NiP Zeus:We have to be confident and just not screw up Zeus:There can be problems, but we will try to solve them right away Zeus:F3 vs NiP is next, another interesting 1/4 finals, F3 got Hiko as a stand-in and he is doing well Zeus:Everything is okay Zeus:I was reading a lot of comments lately and saw you guys crying over you skins Zeus:But you have to evaluate the risk, analyse the opponent and the overall situation. Zeus:If you bet on your favorite team and say you don't give a crap about virtual skins, please don't send those god-awful messages Zeus:Use your brains Zeus:Just wanted to say that my site, has opened, it's in beta right now but soon it will be finished Zeus:And it will have a feature so not only you can win skins, but actually make solid money from it. Zeus:It was Danya Zeus, cheer for us, bye bye <3

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jul 11, 2015

Video blog перед четверть финалом.Из бассейна 

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