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Jacque Fresco on WIOD with Larry King, December 9, 1975 (1 of 3)

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And Edison sold the, Edison worked for the Lions club. What? I want to accept that, i think you have being unfair there. Well, i mean, i thing that is interesting, but it shouldn't be covered also. You are certainly fair, i think i would agree too, that is a fair observation whatever i should said everything that was nothing to bear on the ideas. Einstein. It's just the guy here. Einstein from math... In attempting to find out how this society function, i said that one of the significant things that Fresco said was that everyone have benefit of what we can provide, and that with a significant that we can provide, now that is exactly what stated that always when you talk from making from the beginning into member, and make some wind and so forth, we can't provide. We make the decisions. There is no room for disagreement. And there was very interesting ideas. And what if doctor Fresco meant with the collective way. I think he meant, i hope he meant in a collective way. Who makes the decisions? All right, well not, mister the present questions, who makes the decisions? Who makes the decisions is not necessary. Since we don't have any vested interest, or control groups, we have groups of people that come together, and then gather statistical evidence. And for example, if we analyze a hundred of soil samples, analyze soil samples, and ask the agronomist what is the most efficient to grow under those conditions, and what the national needs in terms of nutrition, rather than making decisions we would arrive at decisions, and that is quite different. We want to get away from decision making... ... and from there you wouldn't see consensus... I think you are making a significant mistake on all you are talking about people rather the way people really glad, this is a mistake to me when you between people who has religious beliefs, and most incentive... You're talking about what practical aplication has this? Yes, i mean that... When you (?) you, sir? When there are differences in particular religious... i don't know exactly that, the point of view, the value of the oppinion, and so, there is no, i'm sure that is not a clean that, would be a physiological difference between atheists and religious people. No difference. All right, so this... that well, right. You are doing a beautiful job yourself, you know, the best. You would mean physiologically, sir. You disposed some good ideas, you keep free enough, you know, let me tell... Is that physiologically is not a difference? You would have, you know... What i said is that is a tremendous difference. All right, but this is my life. Okay, thank you. Near sun is finding a better way for having some rest, we thank you for coming. If a good doctor is showing a good way to get rid of my infection i would be happy, not only the stay here, but joining us in a society. Unfortunately, when i came here i couldn't hear (?), i'm afraid i can't hear the entire (?). Thank you (?). I'm going to take my leave, and i... I just want to say that what i told the doctor doing at this news break, what i think i suppose a man he is just true, i agree with the Jacque's comments concerning his intent on, he is thinking and it has being a pleasure being at the show. Thank you (?). Always. (?) former prosecutor from the United States attending office, and practicing and turning, the rest of volcano will be to lesson to 5, all that scientist Virginia high resource anthropologist from the (?), (?), and i hope he will feel better, tomorrow i am going to speak with his mother, (?), which is the optimistic club, having a lunch tomorrow on Miami beach for guess speaker, i saw the flier, i hope that will be as good as the flier. Head lines. And i know what i am talking about. So, he said in half of an hours away. Okay. We continue with doctor Jacque Fresco, orange, Virginia high, will be with us until 5, and we will reach all the calls. Hello. Hello. Yes. Okay, warning that i would like to very briefly put a couple of things into perspective, as well as looking at cultures and civilization, and how Jacque Fresco can apply in a practical way towards solving some of these problems, because i'm sure everyone wants to do anyway, whether we agree with the Fresco or not, i think his ideas and theories are more important in a feeling that he might have towards his individual during these ideas. But anyway, if we consider then the modern man has being for around 15 thousand years, and we can divide these last 15 thousand years of man existence into a lifetime of approximately 62 years, and there were being 800 of such lifetimes. And these 800 lifetimes of modern man, fully 660 were spent in cave, only during the last 17 lifetimes was possible to communicate effectively from one lifetime to another. It's rather can do, only during the last 6 lifetimes, the message of man have seen a printed word, only during the last 4 were being possible to measure time with any precision. and only in the last 2 as anyone anywhere used an electric motor. And the overwhelming majority of all of the material goods we might today have being developed in the present lifetime. Meaning? No. Hello? Meaning. Okay, meaning that people who speak in terms of not wanting to have technological society, and get away from the technological aspects, all you have to do is looking around through room you are sitting in right now, you know that we are (?) tight together with technology, there is no way to get around it. But, a more (?) technological society is not (?), the important aspect of Sociocyberneering, the aspect is how do you applied there meaning go about business to do what they want. Now, in terms of accomplishing our goals, and eliminating the food problems, transportation problems, let's get rid of all of those problems first, then we can sit down and decide what is man through nature, or what there is a god, unless we eliminate all the problems first, in terms of man in nature, so much of Jacque's theory in (?) understanding, or coming into a close understanding of what is man's nature, and it's very hard, you see? You start looking around of the condition of the world today, you can see that emotionally, human beings are not mature pass 4 or 5 years of age, and at the age of 4 or 5 years old children are egocentric, not see the world from another point of view, they can't be concerned with your personal feelings, they don't have that ability, just like they don't have the ability to understanding volume concepts, like volume of a (?), or volume of a cube, or volume of a (?), they don't understand certain concepts until the brain matures at some degree. And as adult, we have a matured emotionally to take a higher look of what is this, a human being, and how can we go back and make a different kind of human. What Fresco is talking about is certainly not very different from what Jesus Christ talks about. The only thing is that Jesus Christ didn't have the mean to bring about what he wanted, because pinching was insufficient, and by coming around, with this new kinds of ideas, and looking at what the human being is, and a new kind of terms, and not the statistical about it, you can see that we are very available, and humans turn out exactly the way they brought up. Brought up? Yes. Excuse me, mister (?), can i comment? Anybody have a comment? Is that all right? I got kind of lost in that, in that argument... The concept of the generations is interesting, you come to believe, you have to agree with that. It's interesting concept that you are figuring seems to be correct, but basically i think the expression of the point of view, that tells us that we have not had too much change and so, recently, relatively speaking, and then it comes up suddenly, geometrically speaking. That mess of technological changing you are talking about, i think. Yes. Technological changes that Jacque is talking about do not really have to do with we do in our life. The same were bothering and making the environment intelligent way to live in. In other words, the technology comes in, and making food grow better, having more food around, having better transportation systems, clean up air, that is where the technology comes in, it doesn't comes in a (?) anything you want to do... But it will on. For me? Want it? We are not capable. Look at this way. Think that you have 10 thousand dollars... Did you even tried to write a letter to a computer. For me? Writing a letter to a computer. What do you mean writing a letter to a computer? Well, you get a bill from a company, and you write a letter back on the bill. You written a letter to a computer. Well, look... You are talking about affecting our lives, you want to grow up bananas. Is that i can... You know what i do? i fall and mutilated stable. You know that is... I do that all the time, whatever says i do that

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Part 1 of a panel discussion with Larry King on WIOD Miami, Dec. 9, 1975

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