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Adding a Language

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Adding a Language with Amber Matz In this tutorial, we'll walk through the process of adding an additional language to your Drupal site. By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to add 1 or more languages to your site and define which one is used by default. To follow along, you should understand the concept of user interface, content, and configuration translation in a Drupal site. See the written version of this tutorial for a link to the prerequisite. First we need to install the 4 core multilingual modules. Navigate to Extend, and then locate the Multilingual section. Check the boxes next to Configuration Translation, Content Translation, Interface Translation, and Language. Then scroll down and click Install. Next, in the Manage administrative menu, Navigate to Configuration, Regional and Language, then click Languages. Click Add language. Select Spanish or your preferred language. Then click Add language. After waiting for translations to finish downloading, you will be returned to the Languages page with a confirmation message and the new language shown. Now let's add the language switcher block to the sidebar. From the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure, then Block layout, and ensure that your theme is selected. In our case, that's the Bartik theme. Locate the Sidebar second region, and click the Place block button next to it. Now you'll see a list of all available blocks. Locate the Language switcher block and click Place block. Now click Save block. You can see now the Language switcher block has been saved to the Sidebar second region. We can re-order it by dragging and dropping the crosshairs, here. If we do make a change like that, we do need to click Save blocks again. Now click Back to site and we can see our Language switcher block is now placed in the Sidebar second region. In this tutorial, we added a new language to our site and defined which one is used by default. We also added a language switcher block to a sidebar region. See the written version of this tutorial for links to related tutorials and tutorials to expand your understanding of this topic.

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Adding a Language

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