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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~16:16:38 - 16:31:39

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-Zangaliya! -Even on the fire? -Zangaliya! -Let's all go together. -Zangaliya! -Get up, let's go! -Zangaliya! -Let's all do this! -Zangaliya! -Confusion! Rotten eggs, rotten eggs. Let's go! Start the songs! -Yes, let's go! -Rotten eggs, rotten eggs. -Sports, sports. -Zangaliya! -I want my own. -Zangaliya! -A dish washer. -Zangaliya! -We must start. -Zangaliya! -Get up, let's go. -Zangaliya! Zangaliya, zangaliya, zangaliya... -Hey, get up, let's go! -Zangaliya! Stretch your legs. Eh, eh, eh, Zangallya, eh, eh, eh, zangaliya! But Simeon, you're going to look silly there! Let's wait and see! Somebody from South Africa made a mistake! Come on! Let's have something different! -He took a picture. -We need to sit on a good spot. -Yeah, "Chitambalale!" [A local game.] -Ya, ya, ya... -"Chitambalale!" -Ya, ya, ya... -Where did mom go? -To the garden! -Let's sit. -Yeah, let's play "chitambalale"! I want to make them do it. Me! Are you going to do it alone? Ok, I'll make it for me! I'll start it here! -Chitambalale! -Ya ya ya... -Where did mom go? -To the garden! -To do what? -To cultivate! -What? -What will she bring? Pumpkins, peanuts, beans, bananas, and lots more! Share some with me! I want a taste! -You. Go and add some salt... -"Not me!" -Go and add some salt. - "Not me!" "Not me." Me? -Go and add some salt for me! -"Not me!" "Not me, not me, not me..." Dizziness! It's a good time to feel dizzy! Hold on! They hold each other while hopping around, what do they say? Let's play another game, Azunguli. You're supposed to kneel. [Song] "So they came, so they came!" "Oh, they came, yes they came!" "Oh yes, they came!" Charles! Let's go! Linda, move away, you might fall! Linda, move away! Move away, you might fall! -This person will just be pushing her! -Let's go! Spinning around, spinning... We said you should move away! Spinning around, spinning... I'm going home! Spinner, done! I thought they say, "Spinner! Spinner done!" Let's go! How about... high jump! Not that one, you play one at a time. -Let me start. -We're supposed to follow a line! Let's spread apart! Whoever you touch call out, "I've touched him". When you dance, you call anyone's name! Come on, make a wider circle, spread apart. Who's going to start? I've touched you! Who's tagging! Who's tagging! I've tagged you... It's up to you! Whose turn is it! Whose tag is it?! I've tagged you, I've tagged you. It's up to you! Memory, join in please! Elina, who's tagging? Do, as I do, as I do... Do as I do, as I do, as I do, as I do, as I do, as I... Wait a minute! Don't worry! I thought, I thought they said... Do, do, do as I... Don't worry! They say it like that, they finish with "Don't worry!" Fine, let's proceed. Do it please. Whose turn is it? No, what do we say? Ok, I've forgotten! You should go to sing in scout. I resigned from scout. Fine, we'll be following. Who goes inside the circle? Who's inside the circle? Edith's gone inside; she's challenged! Go in pairs, the one without a guy should cry! I'll go in! Who's inside the circle? Memory's gone in; she has challenged! [Song] "Whether I'm shaking my waist, I'm doing it in the bush!" What a song! Edith! What's on? Are you going for laundry today or tomorrow? But for Samson. But Samson! Look at this! Look at this. Are you going to manage? -But Edith? -Just hire me! -Promise gets dirty like this? I was also hired, so should I hire you as well? Whatever money you were going to get, you'll give it to us! Don't make it too clean! Do you hear me? What's she saying? She's saying that the filmmaker's eyes look green, so he winked like this... -What did he do? -He's doing it to Noel, and Noel's responding! Edith, give it to me! Look at that... The sweater is too big for you! Naomi, who's that? There goes my Sengani! You own Sengani! That's my Sengani. Edith, go and get him. He's my Sengani! That's my Sengani. Come here, my Sengani! My Sengani; he's saying "my dad!" His father is Mr. Sengani. When Chimwazini is singing, he goes, "his Sengani!" He's still my Sengani, even if you rush in with "my Sengani!" -Even! -Sengani! -There he is just looking at you... -Call out! So what? If Promise was here, she would've called. Yes, that other day we rang it... His father... He didn't hear anything, while he was walking over there. We were just pressing it hard. He was going over there, we just saw Samson wearing blue trousers. We just saw him wearing his big blue trousers! Immediately we stopped packing, hugged them, and told them. I wanted to knock his head... Fortunately he stopped talking. They just sent us to buy donuts right after they arrived. -This is a mouse trap. -Sorry, they're not seeing you clearly! -Is that right, Edith? -That small light will still be flashing? -How? -You're out of the way. Speak now! Can they see us? Yes, they can see everything we're doing. I thought you asked them to teach me? I told you - tomorrow. -Ok, who do they ask? -No, they were focusing on that so... You're lying! Even Charles at the river asked him that, "can you teach me?" So he told him, "tomorrow". Are they watching? Did you go all the way to the grocery stores? Let's speak English! Precious, do it so that these guys can see you! Turn around, precious! Charles, stop that! The battery is down! Edith, let's go! We have to get the child! -Where are you going to get the child? -From grandmother! -Charles, are you also going? -Yes! -Bricks? -Have you broken the bricks? I didn't participate in picking them. I didn't pick them, no, no! Can I do that? Frasier wasn't there! He wasn't there! You also didn't take part? They didn't play "square" with us. Where did you get them from? Right there! I only picked one! I didn't pick even one! Charles, Charles! -I carried some... -Hey Edith! Are you going? Just go. Hey, which way are you taking home? Will I be seen? Precious, let's play! Let's draw something. Let's play pickup soccer! You're being silly, hey! Charles, don't cry if I tear your slippers. That's a test! Take it away from there! It's become interesting, enjoyable! You're giving them the ball easily! What type of soccer are you playing? Let me play. Let me play. Act fast, close the door! You've played! I'll just be playing it alone! Come play it over here! Play it over here! Don't mess it up! Dribble here. Emma, give it to him! There's no one to give it to! Charles, give the people first! You, stand first! He looked for him! You start it there! Simeon, don't start problems! Sit there!

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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