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Secretariat wins the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes

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Chic Anderson: And they're off!... Looks like the early lead goes to My Gallant, yes, My Gallant going for the lead with Twice a Prince on the outside. Secretariat away very well has good position on the rail... and in fact is now going up with the leaders. They're moving for the first turn. It is Secretariat, Sham on the outside is also moving along strongly and now it's Sham, Sham and Secretariat are right together into the first turn. My Gallant has third behind them, then it's Twice a Prince and the trailer is Private Smiles as they go by the turn... Those two together, Sham on the outside, Sham getting a head in front as they move around the turn with Secretariat second... then there's a large gap, make it eight lengths back to My Gallant in third and Twice a Prince fourth... and Private Smiles is still the trailer... They're on the backstretch. It's almost a match race now. Secretariat's on the inside by a head. Sham is on the outside... They've opened ten lengths on My Gallant who is third by a head with Twice a Prince fourth, then it's another eight lengths back to Private Smiles who is trailing the field. They continue down the backstretch and that's Secretariat now taking the lead. He's got it by about a length and a half... Still Sham. Ten lengths back My Gallant, Twice a Prince... They're moving on the turn now. For the turn it's Secretariat. He looks like he's opening. The lead is increasing. Make it three, three and a half. He's moving into the turn. Secretariat holding on to a large lead. Sham is second, and then it's a long way back to My Gallant and Twice a Prince. They're on the turn and Secretariat is BLAZING along.the first three-quarters of a mile in 1:09 4/5th. Secretariat is WIDENING now. He is moving like a TREMENDOUS MACHINE! Secretariat by twelve... Secretariat by fourteen lengths on the turn. Sham is dropping back. It looks like they'll catch him today as My Gallant and Twice a Prince are both coming up to him now. But Secretariat is ALL ALONE! He's out there almost a sixteenth of a mile away from the rest of the horses. Secretariat is in a position that seems impossible to catch. He's into the stretch. Secretariat leads this field by eighteen lengths and now Twice a Prince has taken second and My Gallant has moved back to third. They're in the stretch. Secretariat has opened a twenty-two length lead. He is going to be. the Triple Crown winner. Here comes Secretariat to the wire. An unbelievable, an amazing performance. He hits the finish... twenty-five lengths in front. It's going to be Twice a Prince second, My Gallant third, Private Smiles fourth, and Sham, who had it today, dropped back to fifth.

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One of the greatest athletic feats ever achieved. Secretariat, the greatest racehorse of all time, wins the Triple Crown at the 1973 Belmont Stakes by an astounding 31 lengths. The legendary call is provided by Chic Anderson.

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