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Jason Bermas on Russia Today discussing Invisible Empire

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Putting the structure of power, as we know it, on trial. There is a new film that seeks to do just that. Looking at the history of political power, scandal, and the vision on some of the most wellknown leaders in the world and how they shaped it. Jason Bermas is a radio host and a film maker and is behind a new movie, that we are talking about right now, it's called Invisible Empire - A New World Order defined. Hi there Jason, I just checked out the trailer for your new film and looks like you scrapped together a lot of historical footage Many of it former US presidents talking about the need for a New World Order. Talk about this concept and what it means to you. Well, throughout history, men of power have sought to bring together the world under one government. And they'd call this the New World Order. Wheter it'd be Hitler during WWII or George Bush after the Gulf War. They all seem to use this terminology, so I decided to explore that and see what a new world order really was and tried to define that term. And what did you find? Well, I found that through organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Inistutue for International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group and many others, they have consilidated power on a mass level and are moving towards a world government. You are seeing this more and more with events like G20 calling for a world currency and SDR units as the new reserve currency. So, I am really out to expose this agenda to not only the american people, but the world. I understand that you also did some work on the film Loose Change 9/11 which challenges what the authorities have said about 9/11 and identifies some of the main points of what has become the 9/11 truth movement. Does Invisible Empire deal with this issue at all? Well, absolutely. Actually my last film, Fabled Enemies, exposed the the international intelligence organizations surrounding 9/11 instead of focusing on the anomalies on the world trade center, WTC7 or Shanksville. We exposed the Saudia-Arabian, Pakistani, Israeli and shadow government connections and are taking this a step further with Invisible Empire - A New World Order defined. This will be premiering on and on April 15 to the world to see. And as you just mentioned you are releasing it on Infowars and Prisonplanet, did you try at all to get this released on the big screen or some investors to back you so it could become more wellknown by the public? Well, to be honest with you, I've tried to go that route before and it can be a extremly difficult process, and with my films beeing seen by tens of millions of people online for free that gets the message out and we encourage people to take our films and make copies and hand them out. This is not about money, this is about getting the information out to the public so that we can try to restore the constitution and bill of rights in this country. This is to oppose tyranny, not to make a profit. I am curious about Invisible Empire itself. Give me some specifics, the premise and what you hope your viewers will get out of it. Well, a lot of times when people use the term New World Order, you are already into the conspiracy arena and I literally have over 200 prominent people discussing that very term. I want to shatter the image of what a New World Order means and really put out the facts, the truth about this agenda and that's what I've done in this film. Not only going over their organizations, but also their methods of control, such as assassinations and falseflag terror. You were contrasting, I notice, especially in the trailer some leaders, for example, you had Hitler in there, and you had president Kennedy, president Bush Talk a little bit about, you seem to be arguing that there is some congrugent message between these leaders. Well, I don't think that I put Kennedy in a negative light. Kennedy warned us that secret societies and backdoor dealings were a major problem during his presidency, and we know where that led to, his assassination. So, when we have a person like George Bush aspoucing a New World Order under the United Nations and global governance, and then on the other side of the supposed spectrum, we have people like Al Gore calling for the exact same thing and Bill Clinton calling for the exact same thing. In this film you'll see Bill Clinton talk about a new world order, not once, but twice. So, really I want to expose this, like you said, congrugent agenda for world government. All right, Jason Bermas, thank you so much for giving us an inside look on your upcoming film. Invisible Empire comes out April 15.

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March 08, 2010

There is a new film that seeks to put the structure of power on trial. The film looks at the history of political power, scandal and the vision of some of the most well known leaders in the world, and how they shaped it. Jason Bermas is a radio host and filmmaker who is behind this new movie, it's called Invisible Empire: A new world order defined.

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