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Skin Care Target Women - YouTube.flv

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I've used a lot of cleansers, but I never tried anything like the Wave. Target Women Skin Care The polio vaccine, the Internet, Furby. You think science has done a lot for us lately? Wait until you see the future! In the future, you'll be able to erase wrinkles with a revolutionary patch you wear for only twenty minutes. The future is now! Yes, ladies! The future is now! We're living in the golden age of skin science! In the olden times our options for high quality skin care were few. We used moisturizer and washed our face with soap. We were practically face Amish. But now, in modern times, science has found ways to maximize the youth and elasticity of our skin faster than you can say: futuristic lab full of doctors treating a clone woman. The new Olay Professional Pro X. A specialized team of dermatologists and Olay have designed Pro X to resignal your skin so it looks more like it did when it was younger. But can a robot lady learn to love? I wouldn't scoff at that clone lab. The Olay team has developed a body wash that fights a serious skin condition. Olay Age Defying Body Wash. Fights the look of body aging. Body aging? I didn't even know I had body aging. But as it turns out, I've had it for almost thirty years! And I need products to fix it, products that use pictures of science. New Skin Genesis Pore Minimizer. The first serum from L'Oreal to combine Hyaluronic with Pore-Targeting Technology. Look! Chemistry things! Probably molecules, right? I think, I don't know. I didn't take Chemistry. You can't get much more scientific than graphic representations of how this product works on your skin cells. Everyday it works at the cellular level to intensely smooth the skin, and minimize the appearance of pores. A new generation moisturizer. Its clinically tested ingredient goes nine layers deep. Nine layers deep. If you'll notice, it passes through the epidermis, dermis, seven non-existent layers of skin and right down to the marbles. Here. The science of beauty isn't just about pictures. Science also uses words. Words that sound science-y. The moisturizing formula with VitaNiacin Fill in wrinkles with collagen biospheres. In self-targeting. And restoring CoQ10. To a deep micro-clean For it wasn't for science, you'd just be clean. These advancements in beauty science are promoted by the most beautiful people in our culture: actresses, who totally use these products! Drew Barrymore, Diane Lane, Penélope Cruz, and even Vanessa Hudgens is getting into the science beauty technology act with a new way to wash your face! The Neutrogena Wave. I've used a lot of cleansers, but I never tried anything like the Wave. Just attach your pad, add some water, and turn it on! Gentle vibrations help open pores. This product is definitely for washing your face. Yup! So the next time someone says something like: "Oh, America is falling behind the rest of the world in math and science"; remind them, we are way ahead where it counts: on the surface.

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Skin Care Target Women - YouTube.flv

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