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Freegate Tutorial

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Hi! Today's tutorial is going to talk about Freegate. Freegate is an anti-censorship software that was produed by Dynamic Internet Technology or DIT. What Freegate does is connect you to the internet through Dynaweb, which is DIT’s peer-to-peer-like proxy network system. One of the great things about Freegate is that it is self contained which means you don’t have to install anything onto your computer. You just double click the program, it will open up and open up a browser for you. This means is you can take it with you anywhere. You can put it on a USB flashdrive, take it with you to an internet café, and be secure, and able to access information and websites that you normally wouldn’t be able to anywhere that you go. And once you close the program, it closes the web browser and nobody knows you were using it. Let’s get started and go get the software first. Open up your web browser. I am using Mozilla’s Firefox Now normally I would give you the website to go to here, but instead we are going to go to Google And type in Freegate. It should be one of the top choices The reason I didn’t tell you the website right away is because it is complicated It is This takes you to DIT’s website Right now we are under their Freegate heading You can read about Freegate and you can go and visit the rest of the tabs on DIT’s website. Here on the left hand side is the tab for Freegate, and we are going to click on that. This allows you to either, download the program, view the user guide, or view screen shots. You are going to want to view the user guide if you want to get into some of the advanced features of Freegate. For now we are going to go through a simple download, and get it running, so you can use it right away. Click on download here. It gives you a couple choices, we are going to go with the Professional Edition. Click save file. You can read more about their emergency edition in the User Manual Now that we have downloaded it we will close both of these out. And I am going to go get our file. This is a self-contained program. Once I double click the icon here, it will open up the user interface, and once it is connected to the service it is going to open up a web browser. Let’s double click this and start connecting to the service. Click Run. This is the user interface. There are a couple of different tabs here. Server Status Tunnel and Settings. Settings is pretty self-explanantory. You can set it to delete the history when you exit the program. You can set it to not open a browser when the program starts. You can start Freegate when you start you computer. And there are a couple other options here. You can set it not to use Internet Explorer or set an Internet Explorer Proxy, in case you wanted to use it with something like Mozilla’s Firefox For right now, we are just going to set it up to use Internet Explorer. So now we are connected. This is the Internet Explorer that it popped up. This is the one that is safe; that we can use to access websites that we would not be able to access normally. As with the other tutorials, I am going to show you that the IP addresses are different, and show you that you are being protected by this program. I am going to open up my unprotected web browser, Firefox. And I am going to go to As with my other tutorials I am showing you my actual IP address, but I am blocking some of it out, because I want to be secure, just like I want you to be secure. This is my actual IP address. This is the IP address that my computer sends out everywhere, unprotected. And it is very easy to trace. What I am going to do now is open up the Freegate Internet Explorer browser. I am going to go to Right there you can see that the numbers have changed. So Freegate is protecting me, making it much harder to find out who I am, and trace where I have been. It will also do that when you close the program. So you are done freely accessing the internet and you want to make sure that you are even more secure. You want to get rid of you internet browsing history. That is really easy to do with Freegate. One of the settings you can set inside of Freegate allows you to delete the Internet Explorer history when the program exits. This means that the next person at the internet café won’t be able to see what you were looking at, and anybody who looks at your computer can’t see where you have been, and won’t be able to tell that you have been using a circumvention tool to get around firewalls or web censorship, or even just to hide your IP address. So delete the Internet Explorer history when program exits and you will be more secure. Then all you have to do to close all the browsers is exit the user interface. You can do that by clicking the big X or by going down and clicking ‘exit’. It should ask if you want to keep the Internet Explorer windows open or if you want them to close. You can also do it every time you close the program. I am going to set it to do it every time, because this way if I need to quickly close everything, all I have to do is close the user interface. I am going to click "close IE windows". It closes all the Internet Explorer windows that were open and connected to Freegate. At the same time it deletes all the Internet Explorer browsing history. That is all there is to downloading and using Freegate. There are some more advanced options you can set up. You can set up emergency options for some heavily censored areas. I would suggest taking a look at their user manual in order to get the most out of Freegate. But with this tutorial, if you follow my instructions, you should be able to at least you it and access the internet more freely. I hope this has been of some help to you, and thanks for viewing our tutorial.

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Tutorial on downloading, installing, and using Freegate.

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