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town's speeches

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[Habla, pueblo, habla]♫ Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to your favourite show: Town's bitches Speeches, speeches, sorry I mean speeches. Town's speeches. Christmas time has already arrived and I know you have all behaved really good That's why we have prepared a very special show about cinema just for you. You'll be today the main characters because today...we are going out! We are going to ask people in the street which are their favourite movies. FOLLOW ME! [Habla, pueblo, habla]♫ Let's look for our first victim aamm You sir...can I ask you.. -No, no. Great You maybe...can I ask you... -No, no. Ok Fuck you Oh! yeah!! Children...children....children time. Sorry. Children time. Aahh... Madam, maybe you... will you...? Yes you will. Well, we are asking today about favourite...favourite movies and we would like to know which is your favourite movie. aammm... The bolder rock. eh? Maybe better one everybody knows eemmm..Titanic? Yeah. Titanic. I think this is a good one. Well...Town has decided. [Titanic soundtrack on the background]♫♫ WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! LEO IS MINE! NOO, IS MINE!! BITCH! SHUT UP!! [Shouting more courses one to the other] Stop! Can you hear any music? No. Because it's over So can you stop, please? Thank you. Ok. And now... [rewind sound] Aaaiii.. Hell with women. I'll go with the captain. oh well That was so romantic, wasn't it? I love Titanic, yes I do. With Leonardo DiCaprio... handsome with his great body and strong pecs...and this round and perfect bottom Ai omá qué rico!! oh, yeah, sorry...children time Well, let's go for business. Isn't it too hot in here? Well, let's look for somebody else to ask... Sir! Excuse me sir. I'm asking about people's favourite's movies could I ask you a question please? Sir? Which is your favourite movie? [sniffing] What are you ...what are you doing? aammm well... are you ok? I think he doesn't feels much like speaking so... better looking for somebody else [Scream] What are you doing? Texas Masacre. Yeah...ok. thanks...ok...great. Let me... The shining. The shining? Ok. SAW! Saw? yeah... SAW 2 I think we got it. SAW 3! I think we got it... SAW 4 Enough. ENOUGH!! SAW 5!!! SAW 6!! ja? is that? SAW 7!!!! ok, please. Somebody helps me? But the most brilliant one with no doubt is... PSYCHO [PSYCHO shower scene music]♫ My micro!!! Give me my microphone!!!!! This is such a spooky motel I'll take a bath uuh! Hot water is not working. Ok. I won't die for... for a bit of cold water It's freezing! [psycho shower scene music]♫ AAAAAHHH [yell] Wasn't that good enough? Well, I guess so. But first I should have... You know. What? Is it really necessary? Fucking stupid. Kill you!! KILL YOU!!! AAhhh, ok. Kill me. ok. I got it. Ok. Try it again. I was like this... in the bath... Exactly. ok.. and Do you prefer neck or back? Back will do. ah, ok. And then like this... ok... LIke that... Ready? Yes. Okey. [lollypop song sounds at the background]♫ What is that music? Okey. Here you are. Kill yourself if you want. I give up. I should have listened to my mother advice and and I should have been a banker. Or robbing banks. I am pathetic in everything I do. Noo. You are good. You are very talented. No. Yes. Come on. Try it again. Yes, please. Look, look. Like this. [groans] Like this. Like this? Yes. Ok. Come on. [more painful groans] Like this? Yeah? Did I do it okey? okey?

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Duration: 6 minutes and 56 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Spain
Language: English
Genre: None
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Posted by: kogura on Apr 2, 2011

Humorous sketches parodying some TV programs and movies such as SLQH, TITANIC, PSICO or EL DIARIO DE PATRICIA (Video made for english translation students as an assignment)

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