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Shabbat Shalom, everybody! I'm particularly excited about this Shabbat Probably one of most excitement I've felt Before Jamie told me I was speaking today I shared some of this new insight, new wisdom, all the wisdom but a different way of looking at it. with a lot of the chevré, student support, and it was really exciting because I'm understanding it more and more each time. And Jamie told me when he said I was gonna be speaking today he said: "shake everybody up, get them excited, there is a lack of energy here in Los Angeles, we gotta go back to the seed level, and get really juiced and excitement." And I realised it's funny, I saw something on the newspaper this morning there was an article talking about "how to communicate". And it said: "Show but don't tell." In other words, I'm not gonna tell you to be excited, I'm not gonna preach you to be excited, if I'm gonna do it, you are just gonna be reacting to it and it's not gonna lead anywhere. And If the wisdom itself and the information I'm gonna share with you tonight doesn't excite you you don't get it. And if you don't get it, that's OK. Admit you don't get it, study harder, try harder because when you do get it, you are gonna be excited beyond measure. We just don't get excited because we just don't understand it. And don't feel bad about not understanding it because there is a reason why we don't get it easily. There's a reason why it's difficult to get it. And that reason ties in directly to this particular portion of the week. And I want to begin if I may by sharing with you a really funky insight. About the purpose of this place and our understanding about the nature of reality. You have to, logically, belive in the concept of God in order to serve God. If you don't believe in God, are you gonna serve God? Never. So you can't touch God, you don't see Him, you don't have a two way conversation with God, but based just on faith and belief, we dedicate our lives, many of us in this world, a portion of our lives or our entire lives to serving God. Do you know what's really amazing? You don't have to believe in the Opponent you don't have to believe in the Satan, our Adversary, in order to serve him. Not only that. And think about it because it's not just a cute insight. If you did believe in him, 100%, you'd never serve him. Never! If you knew what his game was about, if you really truly understood recognised him, acknowledged him, got him, you'd never serve him. So the whole idea of skepticism, and doubt is the very life blood of Satan. It's how he exists. Our doubt, our skepticism, is the very marrow of his being. He can't exist without our doubt, and that's why this particular portion, the Haftarah reading, is all about the war against Amalek. Which is we know, if we've been studying Kabbalah, who cares about what's Amalek, who's Amalek? A nation from 2 or 3,000 years ago? The war against Amalek is the war against doubt. Now we've heard this if you've been studying Kabbalah I've been studying for the past 19, 20 years, I've heard this concept over and over again, but now we are able to reduce it down to one simple premise: the war on doubt is one war doubt in the believability in the existence in the Satan that exists within us. There is no other doubt. There is absolutely no other doubt. Now, how does that relate to our lives? Has anybody here ever experienced a nagging, excruciating toothache? Raise your hand. the worst kind, and you are full of shivering and anxiety. You got a toothache but you also don't wanna go to the dentist to treat the toothache, it's terrible, right? So would it be safe to assume that that everybody here possesses right now a desire not to have a toothache? If you have that desire, please raise your hand. Amy, you wanna have a toothache? Can I ask you a question? 30 seconds ago, before I brought this subject up, were you aware that you had a desire NOT to have a toothache? No, you know why? Because, listen carefully, that desire was already fulfilled. You didn't have a toothache, you were completely unaware, unconscious to the fact that you have a desire not to have a toothache. But if suddenly, God forbid, your tooth started to ache right now boom: your desire would awaken and you'd say: "I don't wanna have a toothache," And when that toothache dissipated, when it vanished, you'd feel great fulfilment. Correct? OK, this is the problem. when we, the should of humanity, were originally created, every possible desire was already fulfilled. We were born into reality a complete fulfilled soul. But just like you were unconscious of your desire not to have a toothache because your desire was completely fulfilled, we were literally born unconscious, unaware, here is the key word now: unappreciative of what the Creator was instilling within us. All the fulfilment, joy, and believe me , it's beyond anything you could imagine, sex to pizza, to children, to soulmate, every conceivable pleasure we had a desire for but we were born with that desire already fulfilled. We were unconscious. So we said to the Creator: "Hey, we wanna wake up! We wanna truly appreciate, we need to experience a reality a world that would ignite our desire." So if you have a toothache, that pain awakens a desire. And I believe truthfully and it's sickeningly frightening and if you don't get frightened by what I'm gonna say and don't consider the implications of it, you are not getting it. If God, if the Light that we were born into consisted and included immortality, we would have to experience the world of death in order to thirst for immortality, in order to have a desire not to experience death. If you are all filled up right now, you just drank two bottles of Kabbalah water, and I brought you a cold glass of lemonade, you don't want the lemonade right now. But if you walked in the dry desert for 3 days and I gave you a glass of lemonade, you were gonna thirst for it, you'e gonna enjoy it. If the Light that we were born into included infinite happiness, we needed to experience infinite profound sadness in order to awaken a thirst and a hunger for that happiness. If infinite serenity, and contentment and peace of mind were included in everything that was fulfilling us we said: "we need to experience extreme, mega depression, fear, anxiety in order to awaken a desire and a thirst for that healing and fulfilment." If the Light was infinite good, we said: "drop us into a world of infinite evil." Are you scared? Look around! This is what we asked for? Look around: you see infinite evil you see endless depression, you see terrible, bad suffering pain. We see it in small, medium and global scales. You feel it in your lives and certain areas of your life if you are waking up to what real pain is. And this is what we asked for. Which means what hope is there? We're gonna have to go through pain? That's what we came here? To go through pain? Infinite pain in order to awaken that desire? Yes, the reward is gonna be great, we'll have it for eternity, We are only going to experience infinite evil for 6 thousand years. but do you really wanna go through it? And here's the question of the day: If God is infinite and He includes infinite solutions to our problems, couldn't God also come up with a solution to the ultimate paradox of existence? Which is: how do we experience infinite pain without having to experience infinite pain? How can we awaken that desire? God, can't you figure that one out? Because logically all the kabbalists of history if you read their books, it's mentioned in practically every one: You only know something by its opposite. You only know white when you see black. You only know Light when you see darkness. Philosophy talks about it all the time. You know something by its opposite. So, logically, we cannot experience the fulfilment and the desire for immortality, infinite joy, happiness, great sex, whatever you wanna call it, what it means in your life that kind of happiness, you had to experience the opposite. Pretty frigging depressing. I think. So, if God is infinite mercy could He not solve the paradox? And the good news is: God solved the paradox. Ever watched a Hollywood movie? And see Harrison Ford or some actor he's jumping off a train or running through a fire? Does the actor, in most cases, usually do it? Who does it? Stunt double. He absorbs the pain. God, in His infinite wisdom, put us into a world infinite evil, death and suffering, He also created, not many - nobody knows it - he created a stunt double. Someone to take the pain for us. But - stupid us! - we don't let the stunt double take the pain. Why? We don't know he exists. We doubt his existence. The stunt double - you may have heard of him. He goes by the name of Satan. It's not the evil, negative, dark being who came to destroy us, he came to take our pain. He's our ego, and either the body will experience death, or the ego can experience death. Either the body and soul can experience profound sadness, or we can let the ego do its job and experience the profound sadness of getting your ego hurt and insulted. The ego came here to take our pain and every time we recognise the ego, that's when we appreciate and earn the fulfilment. All we gotta do is take the momentary pain and say: "Wait, it's not me, it's the ego." Now, there is a very famous story in the Zohar we all heard it but I think we can all repeat it a thousand times to really understand the profundity of it. The Zohar is explaining why there is a force called Satan. There is a story about a King who was a true king in the true definition of the word, a compassionate, loving king who loved the subjects of his kingdom. Loved them like his own children. And he wanted to abdicate the throne, retire, had enough, he wanted to make sure that his son, the prince, would be the same kind of compassionate, loving King and really serve the kingdom and his subjects well, so he knew he had to test his son. So he asked his son for a favour, he said: "look, I want you to demonstrate your great love for me because if you can show loyalty and love to me, I know you can give loyalty and love to all the subjects of this kingdom. So the prince says ‘sure, what do you want?’. He said ‘do me a favour’, 'right or wrong, leave morals out of it, do me a favour’, ‘do not ever engage in a sexual relationship with a hooker’. Stay away from the harlots, do me that one favour to demonstrate your love. The prince was a man of big sexual appetite but he said ‘no problem ok’. The king sent him away to another village and he summoned the most beautiful, seductive, charming hooker you ever laid your eyes on. He said to her ‘for the benefit of the kingdom I want you to do me a favour, I want you to make sure that you are all ruled, you and all your fellow subjects of this kingdom are ruled by a loving and compassionate king. I want you to go test my son. Seduce the pants off him. Get him into bed’. She says ‘Ok’. So she goes to the village where the prince is conducting business on affairs on behalf of his father, and she tries everything and she’s gorgeous and she’s stunning and he’s ready to take her and then he realises "I made a promise to my father." So mustering all his willpower he resists, he returns back to his father and the Zohar tells us there’s now even a greater love, a greater bond between the father and the son and the king gives the son the crown, the throne, the treasures of the kingdom and the story ends. And the Zohar asks the great question: "who is responsible for the son inheriting the crown, the kingdom and having a greater love with his father?" Who’s ultimately responsible? The hooker, exactly. That is the role of Satan. In other words, he came here to take our pain but he’s going to make it very darn difficult. Because if he just takes it, we don’t earn it, it’s not like we’re going to awaken a desire. And that is why, from the beginning when I started out sharing with you today, this is why his only weapon is our doubt. We cannot, do not believe in his existence. We might get it intellectually, yeah the Satan, the opponent, cute funky concept, but how many of us are prepared to confront that opponent and let our egos die? We would rather bleed to death physically over a long period of time than endure a quick death of the ego. And guys, it’s ok, it’s supposed to be difficult. You know it’s so easy to serve God, we see the Light. So what’s the big trick? We come into this place and we call it a synagogue. And we go after the Light, and we pray to the Light and we want, and that’s the wrong approach. This is why the Rav says this is a War Room, we came to wage war on the ego. One path leads to religiosity, the other path is a bloody war against the ego, letting it take our pain and suffering because we don’t recognise it. The war is learning how to recognise the ego. Rabbi Ashlag the founder of our Centre says there’s only one thing we can do. He says folks, you’re not going to beat Satan. You’ll never beat him, what you can do and all you have to do, recognise him. The moment you recognise him, then the Light comes in, the power of this portion comes in and sucks him out of you. That’s why doubt is the only weapon he has, we don’t really believe it, we think if we surrender our ego we’re gonna be less, we’re gonna have less, we’re not gonna have true fulfilment, we don’t really believe it. We say we do, we don’t. If you admit you don’t believe it, if you admit your weakness; you’ve just exposed the Satan and now the power of this portion will eliminate it. This is what the whole parting of the Red Sea was about. What was being parted? We were separating the ego from the self. There was one man who walked into the Red Sea when the Egyptians were behind them and the Red Sea was in front of them and death was before them. You turn around you’re gonna die, you go forward you’re gonna die. But one man understood, one man understood the ego was there to take the pain. I’ll walk in, which the pain in this case, fear of death. Oh the ego’s afraid, I’ll let my ego experience the fear of death, fear that there’s no God blah blah blah, I’m gonna walk into the Red Sea. He completely surrendered, the ego took all the pain, and that’s why you get an equal miracle in return. The Egyptians chasing the Israelites that you’re gonna read about is your ego. Your ego chases you and corners you at the Red Sea every day of your life. You have no alternative. So what happens? Instead of jumping into the Red Sea and acknowledging our ego, we fight and we experience a little bit of death. What does that mean? This is my favourite part, why I’m most excited but the Red Sea and the 72 names, it’s not about getting miracles. I mean it’s about getting miracles but what miracles? I want to solve a problem? It’s about Immortality! And here’s how it works. And you’ve probably heard this a dozen times, if you don’t get excited now, those dozen times you never really got it, you’re not getting it now. Listen carefully. And I tell you that ‘cos I heard it a hundred times and maybe the hundred and first time I’m finally starting to get it. If the room is pitched black and I’ve got a lamp sitting right here, the Light is shining. If I take a curtain and I place it over the lamp, the room dims but the lamp is still shining as brightly as before. I put a second sheet over it; the lamp is still shining as bright as before. I put a third sheet. Finally I reach a certain threshold, the room is pitch black; that is death. Here’s why death happens. Every time you react, every time, Whether you give the finger to someone who cuts you off on the highway, you react to something terrible, you react to something good, any reaction that you don’t know it’s your ego – bam! You place a curtain over the light of your soul. Globally you place a curtain over the Light of the 99%percent reality. Death only happens when we reach a certain threshold of reactive behaviour moments. Reactive behavioural moments. That’s it. If that’s not motivation for not reacting; we’re doomed. Now, my wife said to me this morning ‘what are you going to talk about?’ I said ‘immortality’. She goes ‘what the hell, that means nothing to me’. I’m talking to a friend of mine who’s in deep deep pain, she doesn’t want Immortality, she doesn’t want the pain keep going forever, what does Immortality mean?’ And the Rav’s been saying this for the last ten, twelve years and I don’t think we got it because it’s difficult. There’s only one angel of death; if you’re in a relationship and it dies it’s because of the angel of death. If you have a business and it goes sour; it’s the angel of death. If your profits drop a minuscule three percent; it’s the angel of death who got in there three percent. If your clothes wear out, the angel of death got in there and that’s why your clothes wore out. Everything that comes to an end that is the opposite of happiness and joy is the angel of death. So Immortality means constant joy, constant orgasm, constant children, constant love, constant joy from food, continued rise profits, fulfilment, prestige, loved by my friends, giving love, it means endless happiness ‘cos that’s what Immortality means ‘cos death, everything that goes bad in our lives; one source – angel of death. Who’s the angel of death? The ego. Every reactive moment, every time you listen to your ego, you introduce a little portion of death into your life. So, today is Tu b’shvat. What does that mean? The new year of the trees. Trees, isn’t it funny? Trees live two, three hundred years long. Man lives an average lifespan of seventy two. You know why trees live so long? Because their whole existence is about restriction. They go against gravity. The tree would live forever but the consciousness of man has an influence over the trees so our consciousness gets in the way and helps kill them off. But because they exhibit constant restriction against gravity, gravity being the ego, they live three hundred years. When we give up our ego completely, when we achieve the level where we can do restriction, true restriction, true resistance, true letting go of the ego 100%, that’s Immortality in all parts of our life. So have you ever tried when we study Kabbalah, don’t react to the physical world, so you see a new car you want to buy it, no, I’m going to resist, I’m going to give it up. And you give it up and some miracle happens and somehow you end up getting it. Same thing with a new shirt, a new pair of shoes, a new relationship. And if you really examine your life you’ll find that the more you gave it up, the longer the joy lasted from that particular item. You ever have a shirt last for like twenty years, just never wore out? And other clothes disintegrate in two weeks? What happened? Odds are the shirt that was destroyed in a week you bought it with such ugly, stinking ego and you put all that ego energy into it and that’s why it disintegrates. And you bought something and you say no I’m going to give it up, give it up and you really give it up, it lasts longer. So relative, relative to the degree that we give up, that’s how much Immortality energy we put into everything our lives. And if we’re in a relationship with somebody, relative that we give up our opinions, our selfishness, our own desires and we consider the needs, the desires, the happiness of our partner; that’s how long the relationship will last. Even if it’s your soulmate you can blow it. So, so that’s the formula and that’s what today is about. We come into this room today not to chase the Light, not to look for the Light because the lamp is right there. We came to remove the curtains that are blocking the Light. 99% of the house of worships of this world, they come in chasing God. Not the Kabbalah Centre. We come here chasing the curtains. We came here to find those curtains that are blocking out the Light that’s already there. To lose the doubt, to recognise Satan, to let him take our pain! We’re so stupid. You know if you’re wearing a costume and the costume’s on fire, are you going to leave it on? You’re going to shed it right? Take it off. When Satan is causing us pain we keep wearing the costume. We don’t let go and say "no, it’s him, he’s taking the pain for us." This, by the way, it’s amazing, is the whole secret of Purim. Why do we wear costumes on Purim, what does that mean? We get drunk out of our heads, we’re full of joy (if we’re not throwing up), we’re walking around loving everybody, yet I see his costume and I see her costume meaning I see their ego and I know it’s not who they are. And they see my costume and the whole ego, the whole costume that we wear is exposed! Everybody sees it! And at the same time we’re drunk, meaning it’s our true soul; the happiness, the joy, the love and sharing. Both are existing simultaneously. It’s about recognising the ego. When you recognise it, that is Immortality. You will no longer serve it. So before the reading recognise your ego, get in touch with your mask. All the pain you had this week, whatever pissed you off, whatever saddened you, genuinely saddened you. Think about it what really aggravated you, what pissed you off, what saddened you, what hurt you, what insulted you, what worried you, what fears did you have? Everything that’s the opposite to the Light, connect it to your own stupid ego and then when we read the 72 names, the Light comes in and relative to how much ego you identified and said: "that's what’ll take the pain", the Light will suck it out. And the goal is nothing less than Immortality. Shabbat Shalom.

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